About Us

Smart technology adds a new dimension to traditional learning methods which helps students solve many challenges.

We, at Instasolv, combine education with technology so that you can find study resources at your fingertips. Our innovative learning platform comprises an artificially intelligent Mobile App and a powerful Website

Instasolv is a learning platform that is specifically designed to cater to one of the major challenges that Indian students face today – DOUBT SOLVING. 

We strive to deliver an effective learning environment, where we make sure you get tailor-made answers to all your doubts! 

What Drives Us?


Our vision is to make learning an easy process for students. We aspire to solve academic doubts of students instantaneously through high-quality video-based and text solutions. From board exam preparation to entrance tests like JEE and NEET Instasolv aspires to replace the tuitions and coaching classes in Tier 2 and Tier 3 Cities of India.  


We believe that if a student is taught how to think, how to question and how to learn, they can rise in their lives. The bright future of our country depends on the right education of our students. So, we have designed an innovative learning platform that will help them create a strong conceptual foundation in school and enhance their academic careers. 


  • To build an extensive learning platform that provides a solution to any academic question in just a few seconds
  • To provide high-quality solutions to academic doubts at no cost for every Indian student 
  • To curate top-notch learning resources for students that can help them understand the concepts thoroughly 
  • To bridge the learning gap of the students by providing them with a trustworthy academic help, at any time, anywhere
  • To help students meet the current educational demands, to cope up with the increasing competition at school, and to prepare the best for exams 
  • To help students achieve their dreams of studying in IITs and the best medical colleges of India
Our Learning Solutions For Young Learners of India!

Solving Doubts Instantly: The powerful Instasolv platform is built to answer your academic questions in seconds, literally. Just post the question or click the picture of the question and get the solution. This simply means, you no longer have to wait to get your doubts solved! 

Learning Resources: Whether it be NCERT solutions, NCERT syllabus, previous year question papers, revision notes or sample papers, Instasolv has everything that a student needs to excel in classes 6 to 12.  Our resources are available in a click anytime, anywhere. 

Video-based Learning Solutions: Along with text solutions to students’ queries, we also provide video-based solutions to them for their better understanding. We also provide video-based lessons on how-to topics and various important concepts that require the attention of the students. 

Successful JEE/NEET Preparation: When it comes to appearing in the toughest and prestigious entrance exams of India, Instasolv can be your ultimate study-partner. You get all the resources at one place that makes it easier for you to crack JEE and NEET.  

Reference Book Solutions: We all know how important it is for you to practice as much as they can. Hence, we provide extensive solutions to major reference books for the students such as R.D Sharma, H.C. Verma, to name a few. 

Effective Learning Tips: We are here for your complete academic development. We use interactive technology to offer the best learning strategies that suit every student. All you need is to follow our tips and success will find them. 

Updated Information: Our teams are continuously working to gather the latest resources for the students. Hence, we promise to provide you what’s relevant and required. With Instasolv, get updated with all the major happenings in the education system as well.