CBSE Class 6

As per Central Board of Secondary Education, there are a total of 5 subjects in CBSE Class 6, namely Maths, Science, English, Hindi and Social Science. The board has introduced the syllabus in such a way that it won’t lose student’s attention in any subject. Each subject of CBSE Class 6 is designed in a very interesting yet advanced manner. Students of CBSE Class 6 often encounter difficulty and challenges especially in Mathematics and Science.

However, if you give equal time and attention to each subject, you can easily stand out in CBSE exams and can definitely score good marks. In Class 6, you will get familiar with interactive learning. Students of Class 6 CBSE Board are recommended to use NCERT textbooks to complete their curriculum.

Class 6

CBSE Class 6 Latest News & Updates 2020

CBSE Class 6 Results 2020

CBSE has decided to promote Class 6 students directly to Class 7 due to the lockdown situation in the country. The nation is fighting with Corona Virus and CBSE has ensured that students are not harmed in any case. 

Online Learning for Class 6 2020-21 Session

Due to lock down in the nation, CBSE has asked the schools to teach the students online. Many schools have started online classes for class 6 students as well. 

CBSE Class 6 Tentative Timetable 2020

CBSE Class 6 Exam Schedule is divided into three parts, namely First Term, Second/Half-Yearly Term, and Final Term. Following is the tentative CBSE Class 6 Timetable. Periodic tests for each term will be conducted prior to the commencement of each of the term exams.

Events Tentative Schedule
First Term Exams July 2020
Mid-Term Exam November 2020
Annual Exams March 2021

CBSE Board Class 6 Solutions

Instasolv’s CBSE Class 6 Board Solutions contain subject-wise and chapter-wise questions and answers to all exercises. Our subject experts at Instasolv have prepared step by step solutions that are easy to understand, hundred percent accurate, and well-structured. Our solutions have been carefully formulated to make learning a more efficient and faster process. They have been systematically prepared to cover all important topics and sub-topics of all subjects in detail. 

The comprehensive Solutions for CBSE Board Class 6 help you gain complete conceptual clarity and a good understanding of every subject. They have been prepared on the guidelines provided by the CBSE Board, NCERT Textbooks and the latest syllabus. CBSE Class 6 Board Solutions will help you prepare for your exams with an outcome-oriented approach and score more marks in your CBSE exams. Instasolv’s smart study methodologies and study short-cuts help you unleash your full potential. Our Class 6 CBSE Solutions are prepared to make learning an interesting, engaging and interactive process for you. 

CBSE Class 6 Subject List

As per the CBSE Board, in Class 6 Syllabus, there are a total of 5 subjects. Here is a list of subject-wise Class 6 Solutions.

CBSE Board Class 6 Maths Solutions

CBSE Class 6 Maths subject comprises a total of 14 chapters. It introduces you to the fundamental concepts of a variety of topics that will help you build a strong foundation for higher Classes. 

CBSE Board Class 6 Solutions include important chapters such as Knowing Our Numbers, Whole Numbers, Fractions, Integers, and Algebra. Other significant chapters are Data Handling, Ratio and Proportion, Practical Geometry, Mensuration, Decimals, and Basic Geometric Ideas.

CBSE Board Class 6 Science Solutions

The CBSE Class 6 Science subject comprises 16 chapters. Instasov’s Solutions for Class 6 Science covers every part of the textbook. The chapters covered in the syllabus introduce you to the fundamental concepts in a strategic way. This helps you prepare a strong conceptual base for higher-level Classes, Olympiads and different competitive exams. 

Some of the important chapters covered include Light Shadows and Reflections, The Living Organisms and Their Surroundings, and Separation of Substances. Some other important chapters in the syllabus are Motion and Measurement of Distances, Sorting Materials into Groups, and Getting to Know Plants. 

CBSE Board Class 6 English Solutions

CBSE Class 6 English subject comprises two NCERT Textbooks, namely A Pact with the Sun and Honeysuckle. Both the NCERT Textbooks contain 10 chapters each. All the chapters in the syllabus will increase your knowledge of the English language and help you develop your writing, speaking, and interpretation skills. They also help you develop a good vocabulary. 

Chapters like The Friendly Mongoose, The Shepherd’s Treasure, The Old Clock Shop, A Tale of Two birds teach students important life lessons. Instasolv’s Class 6 solutions will help you learn all the Chapters more effectively and efficiently.

CBSE Board Class 6 Hindi Solutions

CBSE Class 6 Hindi subject comprises three NCERT Textbooks, namely Vasant, Durva and Bala Ram Katha. Vasant comprises 17 chapters, Durva comprises 28 chapters and Bala Ram Katha contains 12 chapters. Some of the chapters, such as Ram Ka Van Gaman, Do Vardan, and Awadhpuri Mein Ram, are mythological lessons. Chapters such as Gadha Aur Siyaar, Naukar, and Jo Dekhar Bhi Nahi Dikhta teach serious life lessons. 

Class 6 Hindi Solutions for Hindi will help you learn Hindi and its essence efficiently both from the exam point of view and knowledge point of view. 

CBSE Board Class 6 Social Science Solutions

CBSE Class 6 Social Science subject contains three textbooks, namely The Earth our Habitat, History Our Past, Social and Political Life. The Earth our Habitat comprises 8 chapters, such as The Earth in the Solar System, Globe Latitudes and Longitudes and Motions of Earth. This book introduces the important geographical aspects of our planet. 

History Our Past comprises 12 chapters, such as What Books and Burials Tell Us, Ashoka the Emperor Who Gave Up War, Traders Kings and Pilgrims and Kingdoms, Kings and the Early Republic. This book introduces you to various aspects of history. 

The book Social and Political Life contains 9 chapters, such as Key Elements of a Democratic Government, Rural Administration, and Panchayati Raj. This book introduces you to the social and political structures of our country. CBSE Class 6 Board Solutions for Social Science help you learn all complex concepts of Social Science easily. 

Reference Books for CBSE Class 6

Apart from learning from the CBSE Class 6 Textbooks/ NCERT Textbooks and Instasolv’s CBSE Class 6 Board Solutions, you can enhance your knowledge and develop a better hold in the subject by referring to various CBSE Class 6 Reference Books and CBSE Class 6 NCERT Exemplars. Some popular reference books and NCERT Exemplars are mentioned below for your reference.

  • R.S. Aggarwal Mathematics for Class 6
  • R.D Sharma Mathematics for Class 6
  • Macmillan My Book of Grammar and Composition for Class 6
  • Arihant NCERT Exemplar Maths Class 6
  • Arihant NCERT Exemplar Science Class 6

Even though in Class 6, learning from the NCERT Textbooks is enough from the exam point of view; however, you can still use them to improve your knowledge for doing good in higher Classes. 

CBSE Class 6 Previous Year Question Papers

Apart from thoroughly studying Instasolv’s comprehensive yet precise Class 6 Solutions, you must solve a good number of CBSE Class 6 Previous Year Question Papers. 

Solving the previous year question papers not only familiarizes you with the exam pattern, and the exam environment, but it also helps you assess from time to time where you stand from the exam preparation point of view. It helps you understand your weaknesses and work on them and improve your exam preparation. 

Solving previous year question papers enhances your overall speed and efficiency. It also boosts your confidence massively. Solving previous year question papers also enables you to tackle all possible question types that can be asked in your exam such as fill in the blanks, short questions, long questions, etc. 

CBSE Class 6 Revision Notes

Do you know that taking notes can increase your marks? The Class 6 syllabus of CBSE is slightly more difficult than the Class 5 syllabus. Hence, it is the right time to maintain revision notes that will help you understand the complex topics of maths, science and social science easily. In fact, you can make short notes on English and Hindi literature as well to remember the concepts. 

Handling so many chapters in every subject might not be easy for you. Revision notes will help you organize all your study material at one place. As a result, you won’t have to look anywhere else for reference. Simply read your NCERT textbook chapters and study the revision notes and you are all prepared for your exams.  

Study Tips for Class 6 Students

Subject Matter Experts at Instasolv have gathered a few simple yet very effective study tips for preparing CBSE Class 6 Board Solutions. If you take these suggestions seriously, nothing can stop you from acing your CBSE Class 6 exams.

  • Pay attention in class and take good notes
  • Plan ahead and make a good timetable to make the best of your time, especially before any assessments, projects, or exams
  • Take out time regularly for revising previously learned topics
  • When there is a lot to study, break it up into smaller chunks and then study. This will help you learn better and remember more
  • Whenever you are in doubt, do not hesitate to ask for help from your teacher or your parents. Never keep a doubt unattended
  • Get a good night’s sleep every day and especially before your exams
  • Follow CBSE Class 6 Board Solutions for revision