CBSE Class 9

In CBSE Class 9 you will be studying 5 subjects- English, Hindi, Maths, Science, & Social Science. In Class 9, you will learn significant concepts in all subjects, especially in Mathematics and Science. You will need to master all these concepts to build a strong conceptual base for your CBSE Class 10 Board exams next year.

You can download the Class 9 syllabus from the official site of the Central Board of Secondary Education ( Make sure you follow the official syllabus while preparing for the CBSE Class 9 examinations. 

Class 9

CBSE Class 9 Latest News and Updates 2020

CBSE Encourages Students to Study Independently

The nation is fighting with Covid-19 or Corona Virus Pandemic. However, CBSE does not want to hinder the studies of students of Class 9. CBSE encourages students to participate in their studies independently and take the nationwide lockdown as an opportunity rather than a crisis. 

Online Classes for Session 2020-21

CBSE has started online learning sessions for Class 9 Students where teachers will be sharing the study material online with students for session 2020-2021. 

CBSE Class 9 Results 2020

 In a recent press release, on April 1 2020, CBSE announced that students of Class 9 for 2019-2020 session will be promoted to Class 10 on the basis of their performance in the internal examinations at school. 

Re-appearing in Exams

For those who have not been promoted to the next session, are advised to utilize this time to prepare to reappear in the exams. Schools are advised to take online/offline tests of such students to promote such students in the next academic year. 

CBSE Class 9 Time Table 2020

The CBSE Class 9 time table for exams has been strategically divided into three sections- First Term, Second/Half Yearly Term and Annual/Final Term. All Unit Tests and Periodic Tests must be taken before the term exams begin. CBSE Board releases The exam schedule for each term is released 2 to 3 weeks prior to the examination dates. 

A tentative schedule for the term exams has been given below for your reference. 

Events Schedule
First Term Exams July 2020
Mid-Term/Half-Yearly Exam November 2020
Annual/Final Exams March 2021

CBSE Class 9 Solutions

Instasolv’s CBSE Class 9 Solutions have been prepared by professional and experienced subject matter experts. The solutions are based on the latest CBSE Class 9 Syllabus. As per the CBSE Board, there are 5 subjects that you need to study, namely Maths, Science, English, Hindi, and Social Science. 

These solutions comprise subject-wise and chapter-wise answers to all questions in all exercises. They are all-inclusive yet short and concise. Instasolv’s Solutions for CBSE Class 9 are written in a lucid language, are easy to understand and completely accurate.  They have been strategically devised to make learning a more effective process. The solutions cover all parts of the CBSE Class 9 Textbooks to facilitate efficient learning.

CBSE Board Class 9  Solutions help you keep your concepts clear , and become thorough with the subject matter. They have been prepared on the latest guidelines of CBSE Board and NCERT. With these step by step solutions, you can attend to your doubts and queries immediately and save a lot of time.  

Our subject matter experts have given smart shortcuts, and innovative study methodologies,  which help you not only pass your exams with flying colours but also expand your knowledge base and build a strong conceptual foundation for your Class 10 board exams. These solutions are of the finest quality and let you study anywhere and anytime.

CBSE Class 9 Subject List

CBSE Board Class 9 Maths Solutions

CBSE Class 9 Maths subject includes a total of 15 chapters. Some of the important chapters are Polynomials, Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Probability, Lines and Angles, and Coordinate Geometry. Other significant chapters include Linear Equation in Two Variables, Constructions, Statistics, Surface Areas and Volumes and Areas of Parallelogram and Triangles. CBSE Board Class 9 Maths Solutions covers everything given in your CBSE Class 9 Textbooks in detail. It helps you learn all important concepts and formulas quickly and efficiently.

CBSE Board Class 9 Science Solutions

CBSE Class 9 Science subject comprises 15 chapters from all streams of science, to be exact Physics, Biology and Chemistry. Some significant chapters from Biology are The Fundamental Unit of Life,Tissues, and Diversity in Living Organisms. Some significant chapters from Chemistry include Atoms and Molecules, Structure of an Atom, Matter in Our Surroundings, and Is Matter Around Us Pure. Some important chapters from physics are Gravitation, Motion, Forces and Laws of Motion, Work and Energy and Sound. 

The comprehensive yet to the point solutions explains all significant concepts in detail and hence, facilitates complete clarity of concepts.

CBSE Board Class 9 English Solutions

CBSE Class 9 English subject contains 2 NCERT Textbooks, namely Beehive and Moments. The Beehive has 10 chapters, 10 poems and 1 play. Moments contains 10 chapters. Some of the  chapters in the prose segment of the syllabus are The Fun They Had, The Sound of Music, The Little Girl If I Were You, and Packing. Some other chapters in this segment include A Truly Beautiful Mind, The Snake and the Minor, My Childhood, Reach for The Top, Kathmandu and The Bond of Love. 

While some are incredible life lessons, some are incredible stories. CBSE Board Class 9 Solutions English helps you develop an excellent vocabulary and other language skills like writing skills, speaking skills, and interpretation skills. It helps you learn English correctly, quickly and profoundly.

CBSE Board Class 9 Hindi Solution

CBSE Class 9 Hindi subject consists of 4 NCERT Textbooks, namely Kritika, Kshitij, Sanchayan, and Sparsh. Kritika comprises 5 chapters, including Is Jal Pralay Mein, Mere Sang Ki Auratein, Mati Wali, Reedh Ki Haddi and Kis Tarah Aakhirkar Main Hindi Mein Aaya. 

Kshitij consists of 17 chapters. Some of the chapters include Do Bailon Ki Katha, Lhasa Ki Aur,Mere Bachpan Ke Din, and Premchand Ke Phate Joote. Some other chapters include Sakhiyan and Sabad, Kaidi aur Kokila, Gram Shree, and Bacche Kaam Par Ja Rahe Hai. All the stories teach us different life lessons about our past and significant human values.

Sanchayan Comprises of 6 chapters namely Gillu, Smriti, Diya Jal Uthe, Hammid Khan, Mera Chota Sa Niji Pustakalay, and kallu Kumar Ki Unakoti 

Sparsh consists of 15 chapters. Some of them are Arun Kamal, Agnipath, Geet Ageet, Ek Phool Ki Chaah, Aadmi Nama, and Rahim Ke Dohe. Others include Everest: Meri Shikhar Yatra, Tum Kab Jaoge Atithi, Dhool, Dukh Ka Adhikar, and Kichad Ka Kavya. 

Class 9 Hindi solutions contain detailed guidance for all exercises under every chapter for all the books. They help you start with your thorough exam preparation right away.

CBSE Board Class 9 Social Science Solutions

CBSE Class 9 Social Science subject comprises 4 CBSE Class 9 Textbooks, namely Democratic Politics   Contemporary India, Economics, and India and Contemporary World 1. Democratic Politics 1 focuses on democracy, its features ,its rights, its rules and its history. It comprises 6 chapters, such as Democratic Rights, Electoral politics, Constitutional Design, and Working of Institutions.  Other chapters include Democracy in the Contemporary World, and What is Democracy? Why Democracy?

Contemporary India teaches you various geographical aspects of India. It comprises 6 chapters. These Chapters are namely India: Size and Location, Climate, Drainage, Physical Features of India, Population and Natural Vegetation and Wildlife. 

Economics teaches you a variety of economics-related aspects. It contains 4 chapters, including The Story of the Village Palampur, Poverty as Challenge, People as Resource and Food Security in India. 

India and the Contemporary World 1 is a history book. It contains 8 chapters, such as Socialism in Europe and the Russian Revolution and The French Revolution. Some other chapters included in this book are Forest Society and Colonialism, Nazism and the Rise of Hitler,  and Pastoralists in the Modern World.

Instasolv’s impactful and quality solutions are the right study material that will help you lay a strong conceptual foundation for Class 9.

Reference Books for CBSE Class 9

Once you have thoroughly studied your NCERT Textbooks, then you can refer to relevant and knowledge improving CBSE Class 9 Reference Books and CBSE Class 9 Exemplars written by renowned authors.  Here is a list of some excellent books suggested by our subject experts.

  • R.D Sharma 
  • R.S Aggarwal
  • Arihant NCERT Exemplar Maths
  • Arihant NCERT Exemplar Science
  • Arihant All in One For English
  • Physics Class 9 Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur, S Chand Publications
  • Chemistry Class 9 Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur, S Chand Publications
  • Super Simplified Science Biology Class IX, S Dinesh Publications
  • Biology Question Bank, Oswaal Publications
  • Physics Question Bank, Oswal Publications
  • Chemistry Question Bank, Oswal Publications
  • Evergreen CBSE Self-Study in Social Science, Evergreen Publications.
  • Navyug Hindi Vayakaran Tatha Rachna, Laxmi Publications

CBSE Class 9 Previous Year Question Papers

Class 9 is a very crucial phase of your student life. If  you do not have the practice of solving previous year question papers as a part of your exam preparation, then you must start doing so. Solving CBSE Class 9 previous year question papers will give you a massive confidence boost.  

Frequent practice of past papers will make you become very comfortable with the exam pattern and exam environment. It will help you develop excellent speed and efficiency. Solving previous year papers will take away all your exam-related anxieties and fears away. It will help you determine the quality of your exam preparation, spot your weaknesses and work on them. 

Solving CBSE Class 9 Previous Year Question Papers will equip you with the ability to tackle all question types and gear up for your board exams next year.

CBSE Class 9 Revision Notes

Class 9 forms the basis of Class 10 syllabus. Many new topics are introduced in CBSE Class 9 syllabus that will help you perform well in class 10 exams. So, you must prepare every chapter thoroughly and ensure that all your fundamental knowledge is up to the mark. Revision notes can be your saviour at this time. 

With the help of these notes, you can reduce the exam stress. You can revise the chapters without any distraction. You have all the important definitions, formulae and concepts of the chapter at one place. Revision notes for Class 9 subjects are very important for you. 

Study Tips For Class 9 Students for CBSE Exams

Even though Class 9 is not your board year, it is still equally important from the knowledge and exam point of view. Here are simple and helpful study tips that can improve your performance and help you achieve your academic goals.

  • Attend your Classes attentively and regularly. You must study regularly because last-minute preparations will never get you anywhere. 
  • Prepare an extensive study plan and an efficient timetable that gives you enough time to learn, revise and practice. 
  • Stick to your timetable as far as possible.
  • Test your exam preparation from time to time by solving as many sample papers and past year papers. work on your weaknesses to improve your preparation.
  • Don’t fill your time table just with studies. This way, you will overburden yourself. Keep room for recreational activities, and breaks. 
  • While you are studying, stay away from possible distractions. Keep your laptops, cell-phones and other gadgets away while studying. Use them in your off time or during your breaks. 
  • Take care of yourself. You can only make the best of your knowledge when you have a healthy mind, body and soul. Hence sleep right and eat right.