DC Pandey Laws of Motion Solutions

DC Pandey Mechanics Part 1 Solutions for Chapter 5 ‘Laws of Motion’ present all the important theory, concepts and formulas required to understand the different kinds of motions and the laws related to them. This chapter of DC Pandey Physics Book Solutions deals with topics like momentum, acceleration, deceleration, normal force between two points, friction force, free body diagrams, pulleys, pseudo force and free body diagrams. 

DC Pandey Physics Chapter – Laws of Motion has a total of 7 sections including the introductory exercises and separate corners for JEE and AIEEE (which is now JEE Mains). These questions aim at helping you in developing command on all the major concepts of the chapter and getting well versed with the process and logic to solve them. Once you engage with these solutions for DC Pandey Laws of Motion, you will become familiar to the extraction of net normal force, pseudo force, the functioning of a pulley, velocity of an object on a slant surface and net velocity of objects. 

Instasolv’s DC Pandey Mechanics Part 1 Solutions for Laws of Motion are formulated by subject experts after thorough research of the topics of the chapter. With our solutions, preparing for JEE Mains Physics and CBSE exams would become much easier for you. We have ensured that all the solutions are complete and include the latest topics for competitive exams and CBSE for your complete guidance. 

Important Topics for DC Pandey Mechanics Part 1 Solutions Chapter 5: Laws of Motion 

Pulley system 

You have already studied the mechanism and functioning of the pulley system in your junior classes. In DC Pandey Laws of Motion Solutions, you will learn more about the combination of two pulleys combined in a single setup. You will also learn about the combination of a horizontal and a vertical setup. 

Concepts of mass, velocity and force will also be utilized in understanding and solving different questions and cases related to pulleys. The fundamentals of the moment will also be used in some questions. 

Motion In Different Directions

In this chapter, you will not only engage with the laws of motion but also the different directions in which force works to cause motion. You will get to engage with concepts of the moment, equilibrium, projectile motion, motion acting along the normal and motion in upward and downward directions. These directions will impact the force, displacement and angle of momentum with respect to the values and conditions that you will encounter in the questions. 

Exercise-Wise Discussions of DC Pandey Mechanics Part 1 Chapter 5: Laws of Motion

Introductory Exercise 5.1

  • This exercise contains a total of 8 questions that revolve around the introductory concepts from the chapter.
  • This includes the basic fundamentals of components of force along x and y-axis, moment at a particular point and pseudo force. The exercise majorly deals with motion in a circular direction. 

Introductory Exercise 5.2 

  • This exercise has a total of 6 questions on the concepts of cover system acceleration, spring tension and string angles. These questions also deal with upwards, downward and slant motion

Introductory Exercise 5.3 

  • There are a total of 4 questions in the exercise of DC Pandey Laws of Motion Solutions.  The exercise deals with questions revolving around the pulley system where the ends of the rope attached to the pulley carry a specific mass in the form of blocks.
  • Along with the concepts of velocity and displacement, you will also be using the basics of equilibrium.

Introductory Exercise 5.4 

  • This exercise comprises of 4 questions. Building on the fundamentals of pulley that you have used in the previous exercise, here you will deal with double pulley systems.
  • The setups included here are both vertical and horizontal in different combinations. You will be utilizing the formulas of force, tension and acceleration to derive solutions of this exercise of DC Pandey Laws of Motion. 

Introductory Exercise 5.5  

  • There are a total of 4 questions in this exercise that revolve around topics like the movement of the triangular block, the velocity of an object, deceleration due to pseudo force and angle of frictional force. 

AIEEE Corner (now JEE Main)

  • There are two different sections in this exercise. The first section includes 31 Subjective Questions. These questions are not very long but involve direct formula-based approach. 
  • There are questions where you need to find the common velocity at a particular instant, shape of the line of the graph depending upon the given conditions, displacement of objects, force of friction and tension. 
  • The second section of this exercise of DC Pandey Laws of Motion includes Objective Questions with a single correct answer. 
  • This has a total of 31 questions that revolve around maximum acceleration, force in different directions, net moment and pulling force

JEE Corner

  • This set of questions has been included after carefully analyzing the question pattern from the previous year exam papers of JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. 
  • It begins with Assertion and Reason exercise which has 11 questions in total. These questions are based on simple concepts from the chapter and you are required to observe the questions and give reasons for the solutions that you present to them. 
  • The other section includes Objective Questions with 58 single correct option problems and 14 more than one correct option problems.
  • These include direct formula based problems, theory-based questions and some logical problems. 
  • The last section has match the columns. All of these questions are numerical problems based on acceleration, the force of friction, normal force and string tension. 

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