HC Verma Fluid Mechanics Solutions (Chapter 13)

HC Verma Chapter 13 Solutions for Class 11 Physics Part-1 deals with the concepts of the pressure of the fluids. The other main topics of this chapter of HC Verma Solutions include fluids, Pascal’s Law, atmospheric pressure and barometer, Archimedes’ Principle, the flow of fluids, force in accelerating fluids, pressure different and buoyant, steady and turbulent flow, Bernoulli’s Equation, and Equation of continuity.

This chapter of the HC Verma Part 1 Concepts of Physics book consists of a total of 35 questions. Solving these problems will help you in clearing your concepts on Hc Verma Fluid Mechanics Solutions. Also, these solutions are based on the important topics of the chapter so there is no fear of missing out on the official syllabus or studying something irrelevant. Referring to these solutions, you will be able to prepare for your CBSE exams as well as competitive exams such as JEE.

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Important Topics for HC Verma Solutions for Class 11 Physics Chapter 13 – Fluid Mechanics


In physics, a fluid is a material that constantly flows under applied shear stress or external force. Fluids are a stage of substance and comprise liquids, gases, and plasmas. They are materials with zero shear modulus, or, in simpler terms, materials which cannot repel any shear force applied to them.

Pressure in a Fluid

Fluid pressure is a quantity of the force per unit area on a body in the fluid or on the plane of a closed container. This pressure can be produced by gravity, acceleration, or by forces outside a closed container. Since a fluid has no certain shape, its pressure applies in all directions.

Pascal’s Law

Pascal’s law is a principle in HC Verma Fluid Mechanics Solutions provided by Blaise Pascal. This law defines that a pressure change at any point in a limited incompressible fluid is conveyed throughout the fluid such that a similar change happens everywhere.

Archimedes’ Principle

Archimedes’ principle describes that the rising buoyant force that is applied on a body engrossed in a fluid, whether fully or moderately submerged, is equivalent to the weight of the fluid that the body transfers. Archimedes’ principle is a law of physics essential to HC Verma Fluid Mechanics Solutions.

Bernoulli’s Equation

In fluid dynamics, Bernoulli’s principle defines that the rise in the speed of fluid happens instantaneously with a reduction in static pressure or a reduction in the fluid’s potential energy.

Equation of Continuity

The equation of continuity is basically a mass balance of a fluid rolling through a motionless volume component. It defines the rate of mass build-up in this volume element equivalent to the rate of mass in minus mass out.

Steady and Turbulent Flow

When all the particles passing through any definite point in a fluid hold the same velocity, the flow of that fluid is termed as steady or uniform or laminar flow. And if the flow does not follow that rule, we call it a turbulent flow.

Exercise-wise Discussion for HC Verma Solutions Class 11 Physics Chapter 13 – Fluid Mechanics

Exercise 1 – Short Answer Type Questions

This exercise of HC Verma Part1 Solutions for Fluid Mechanics has around 16 questions which are short answer type questions. Practising these questions will help you clear your concepts.

Exercise 2 – Objective Type Questions I

Exercise 2 of HC Verma Chapter 13 Solutions consists of 22 questions that are multiple-choice questions.

Exercise 3 – Objective Type Questions II

This exercise set has a total of 8 questions. Here, you will find the objective type questions, which will help you improve your high-level thinking capability. 

Exercise 4 – Long Answer Type Questions

Exercise 4 of HC Verma Solutions Part 1 Fluid Mechanics Chapter consists of a total of 35 questions which are long answer type questions. Practising these questions will help you in preparing for your CBSE exams as well as for the competitive exams.

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