HC Verma Gauss Law Solutions (Chapter 30)

HC Verma Solutions for Class 12 Physics Part-2 Chapter 30 ‘Gauss’s Law’ will immensely help you Class 12 board exams along with JEE preparation. HC Verma Solutions Gauss’ Law Chapter is introduced to give you all the information about the total charge induced within the given surface. Gauss’s law is also known as Gauss’s flux theorem. It is an interesting chapter to study with a variety of topics.

The main topics of the chapter include solid angle, application of Gauss’s Law, spherical charge distributions, and the flux of electric field through a surface. All the topics are explained well with the help of interesting activities and examples in these HC Verma Solutions for Class 12 Physics to make the learning experience easy for you. Now, you can easily prepare for your CBSE Class 12 Board exams well.

HC Verma Gauss’s Law Solutions has 4 exercises with around 43 questions in total. All the questions are according to the latest pattern released by CBSE. These solutions are prepared by expert teachers of Physics who are very experienced. Also, we have arranged the HC Verma Physics Class 12 Solutions topic-wise so that you can go through them one at a time and step up the ladder of self-confidence as you go through them. You can follow the solutions anywhere, and at any time. These solutions will also help you in JEE and NEET preparation.

Important Topics for HC Verma Concepts of Physics Part-2 Solutions Chapter 30: Gauss’s Law

Gauss’s Law

Gauss’s law is called Gauss’s flux theorem. It is a law connecting the circulation of electric charge to the resulting electric field. The surface under reflection may be a closed one surrounding a volume such as a spherical surface. 

Applications of Gauss’s Law

Gauss’s law can be utilized to solve difficult electrostatic problems including symmetries like spherical, planar, or cylindrical symmetry. There are also some cases where the calculation of the electric field is quite difficult and contains tough integration. This law can be used to make an easy evaluation of the electric field.

Gauss’s law can be applied in the following ways:

  • For the easy evaluation of electric field choose Gaussian surface
  • To make problems easier always make use of symmetry
  • It is not essential the Gaussian surface to correspond with the real surface, it can be outside or inside the Gaussian surface

Spherical Charge Distributions

A charge can flow freely over metal if a metal sphere is charged; the self-repulsion of charges will result in all charges consisting of the surface of the sphere, which behaves as a hollow spherical charge distribution with zero electric fields.

 The Flux of Electric Field through a Surface

In electromagnetism, electric flux is defined as the amount of the electric field over a given surface, even though an electric field in itself cannot flow. The electric field strength at any distance from the charge affecting the field is described in this way.

At any point in space, the electric field (E) can apply force on an electric charge. The electric field (E) is directly proportional to the gradient of the voltage.

Exercise-wise Discussion for HC Verma Concepts of Physics Part-2 Solutions Chapter 30: Gauss’s Law

Exercise 1 –Short Answer Type Questions

The first exercise of the HC Verma Concepts of Physics Gauss’s Law Solutions has around 7 questions which are short answer type questions based on the solid angle, application of Gauss’s Law, spherical charge distributions, and the flux of electric field through a surface.

Exercise 2 – Multiple Choice Questions I

This exercise set has around 7 questions which are multiple-choice questions based on the electric dipole, conducting and non-conducting material. Practising these questions will help you clear your concepts.

Exercise 3 – Multiple Choice Questions II

HC Verma Gauss’s Lae Solutions for Class 12 Physics Exercise 3 consists of a total of 8 questions which are also multiple-choice questions. In these questions, you will have two or more statements correct.

Exercise 4 – Long Answer Type Questions

Exercise 4 of HC Verma Part 2 Solutions for Gauss’s Law consists of 21 questions that are long answer type questions. You will brief explanations of all these questions that will help you make your concepts stronger.

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