HC Verma Introduction to Physics Solutions (Chapter 1)

HC Verma Chapter 1 solutions comprise detailed solutions for all the important topics covered in Class 11 Introduction to Physics chapter. HC Verma solutions are prepared by the experts at Instasolv with the aim of providing accurate answers to all the questions available in the HC Verma Part1 Physics Textbook.

The main topics of HC Verma Introduction to Physics solutions include what is Physics, Physics and Mathematics, units, the definition of base units, dimensions, uses of dimension, the order of magnitude, the structure of the world, and more. It is one of the important and interesting chapters to study as it helps to understand the concepts of Physics in detail.

This chapter of HC Verma Solutions for Class 11 Physics consists of a total of 19 questions. All the questions are according to the latest syllabus released by NCERT. Also, we have made the chapter interesting with our step-by-step solutions so that you can grasp the entire content properly. So, practising the questions and answers will help you prepare for the CBSE exams and other competitive exams well. You can refer to these solutions provided by Instasolv at any time for free.

Important Topics for HC Verma Solutions for Class 11 Physics Chapter 1 – Introduction to Physics

The main topics and sub-topics of HC Verma Introduction to Physics Solutions are provided below:

What is Physics?

Physics is the learning of energy and matter in space and time and how they are associated with each other. Physicists imagine the existence of mass, length, time, and electric current and then describe all other physical quantities in relation to these basic units. The best example of physics is electrocution.

Physics and Mathematics

Physics is the education of the physical world we live in whereas Mathematics is the system of the numerical system with allocated rules. So, Math does not derive Physics, but its systems deliver a means that can be used to define experiential physical phenomena. Also, the use of math in Physics should also be prominent to contain Geometry.


The word unit is used in physics to mention the standard measure of a quantity. Some important quantities and their particular units are described as mass – kilogram, time – second, length – meter.

Definition of Base Units

Basic units or fundamental units are referred to those units on the basis of which other quantities are described. These units cannot be decreased further. Examples of base units include meter, kilograms, second, kelvin, etc. Derived units are expressed as the units which are derived in terms of base units. Each derived unit can be decreased to the corresponding base units.


Dimension in physics is referred to as a physical quantity. It is the index of each of the fundamental quantities including length, mass, time, temperature, luminous intensity, and current, which represents that quantity.

Order of Magnitude

An order of magnitude is the period of the scale of any quantity in which each class comprises the values of a fixed ratio to the class preceding it. The order of magnitude of a physical quantity is defined as its magnitude in powers of ten when the physical quantity is represented in powers of ten with one digit to the left of the decimal.

Exercise-wise Discussion for HC Verma Solutions Class 11 Physics Chapter 1 – Introduction to Physics

Exercise 1 – Short Answer Type Questions

This is the first exercise of the HC Verma Introduction to Physics Solutions. It consists of a total of 7 short answer type questions. Practising these questions will help you prepare for the CBSE exams well along with other competitive exams such as JEE and NEET.

Exercise 2 – Objective Type Questions I

Exercise 2 of HC Verma Concepts of Physics Part 1 Introduction to Physics Solutions consists of a total of 6 questions. These are the objective type questions that will help you to make your concepts stronger.

Exercise 3 – Objective Type Questions II

This exercise of HC Verma Part 1 Introduction to Physics also consists of objective type questions. These questions are different from those of the questions in Exercise 2. Here, you can have two or more correct statements.

Exercise 4 – Long Answer Type Questions

This is the last exercise and is considered one of the important exercises of the chapter. All the questions of this exercise are based on the important concepts of Introduction to Physics.

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