HC Verma Photoelectric Effect Solutions (Chapter 42)

HC Verma Solutions for Class 12 Physics Part-2 Chapter 42 – Photoelectric Effect has been laid out by the subject matter experts at Instasolv. In this chapter, you will have an in-depth understanding of the concepts such as energy absorbed by a particle when the wavelength is given. The Class 12 Physics HC Verma Solutions are very useful for revision work while preparing for the Board Exams as well as the competitive exams like JEE and NEET.

In this chapter, there are around 4 exercises with a total of 69 questions. These questions are based on the main topics of the chapter including photon theory of light, photoelectric effect, matter waves, properties of photons, and properties of matter waves. To ensure that you got a good grip on this chapter, the solutions have been designed in an easy to understand language, with an accurate description, images, and various types of examples.

The HC Verma Photoelectric Effect Solutions is based on the HC Verma book topics so there is no fear of missing out on the official syllabus or studying something irrelevant. It is a quite interesting chapter and a scoring one, if you study this chapter well, and solve all the questions available in the reference book. Following the HC Verma Concepts of Physics, Part 2 Solutions provided by Instasolv will not only help you to understand the topics easily but also helps in learning Physics in a broad spectrum.

Important Topics for HC Verma Concepts of Physics Part-2 Solutions Chapter 42: Photoelectric Effect

Photon Theory of Light

A photon is defined as the smallest discrete quantum of electromagnetic radiation. It is described as the fundamental unit of all light. They are always available in a vacuum and in motion. They are found travelling at a steady speed to all viewers of 2.998 × 108 m/s. This is indicated by the letter ‘c’ and commonly referred to as the speed of light.

Properties of Photons

The fundamental properties of photons are:

  • Photons have rest energy and zero mass. They only subsist as moving particles.
  • Lacking rest mass even though the photons are elementary particles.
  • They do not contain an electric charge.
  • Photons are steady.
  • They contain momentum and energy which are dependent on the frequency.
  • Photons can interact with other particles like electrons Compton Effect.
  • They can travel at the speed of light, when in empty space.

Photoelectric Effect

The photoelectric effect is a phenomenon that is based on the idea that electromagnetic radiation is made of a series of particles known as photons. The electron can be emitted when a photon hits an electron on a metal surface. The electrons that are emitted are known as photoelectrons.

Matter Waves

Matter-wave is defined as a wave that is related to the motion of a particle of the subatomic or atomic size that explains the effects like the diffraction of beams of particles by crystals. They are known as a hypothetical wave.

Properties of Matter Waves

There are some properties of matter-wave:

  • Greater is the De- Broglie wavelength if lighter the particle.
  • The smaller is the De- Broglie wavelength if the particle moves faster.
  • The De-Broglie wavelength of an element is liberated of the charge or nature of the element.

Exercise-wise Discussion for HC Verma Concepts of Physics Part-2 Solutions Chapter 42: Photoelectric Effect

Exercise 1 – Short Answer Type Questions

This exercise set of HC Verma Solutions consists of a total of 13 short answer type questions. These questions are based on important topics including the photon theory of light, photoelectric effect, and matter waves. Practice well to make your concepts stronger.

Exercise 2 – Objective Type Questions I

In this exercise set, there are around 14 questions which are multiple-choice questions based on several important concepts such as properties of photons, properties of matter waves, and more.

Exercise 3 – Objective Type Questions II

This exercise of HC Verma Class 12 Physics Solutions Photoelectric Effect has around 7 questions which are also multiple-choice questions. Practising these questions will help you clear your concepts.

Exercise 4 – Long Answer Type Questions

This exercise consists of a total of 35 questions based on the main concepts of the chapter. They are long answer type questions where you will find detailed solutions to the problems.

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