HC Verma Physics and Mathematics Solutions (Chapter 2)

HC Verma Solutions for Class 11 Physics Part-1 Chapter 2 prepared by the experts of Instasolv will make you understand the concepts of HC Verma Physics and Mathematics Solutions. The chapter primarily deals with mathematical formulas that are associated with solving various concepts in Physics. In this chapter of HC Verma Solutions Class 11 Physics Solutions, you further learn more in detail about main mathematical topics including vectors, resultant vectors, displacement vectors, components, and addition of vectors.

This chapter of HC Verma Physics and Mathematics Solutions also explains how vectors are used for solving different problems related to definite shapes like polygons and hexagons. Studying this chapter, you will learn about the different concepts of Physics and how we can use mathematical formulas to solve the various problems. Other main topics of the chapter include differential calculus as rate measurer, maxima and minima, integral calculus, significant digits, significant digits in calculations, and errors in measurements.

HC Verma Physics and Mathematics Solutions has a total of 35 questions. There are different types of questions available for practice. Follow the HC Verma Solutions for Class 11 Physics Chapter 2 provided by Instasolv now to clear your concepts and excel in your exams.

Important Topics for HC Verma Solutions for Class 11 Physics Chapter 2 – Physics and Mathematics


A vector is an entity that has both a magnitude and a direction. Geometrically, we can image a vector as a focused line segment, whose distance is the magnitude of the vector and with an arrow representing the direction.

Resultant Vectors

A resultant vector is the grouping of two or more single vectors. When they are used alone, the term vector mentions a graphical illustration of the magnitude and direction of a physical object like velocity, force, or acceleration.

Displacement Vectors

A displacement vector is an impression of mathematics. It is a vector and it represents the direction and distance travelled with a straight line. It is frequently used in physics to represent the speed, acceleration, and distance of an object travelled.

Addition of Vectors

The sum of two or more vectors is known as the addition of vectors. To find the sum of vectors, you can either use the triangle method or the parallelogram method.

Maxima and Minima

The maxima and minima of a function are called together as extrema. It is defined as the largest and smallest value of the function, either within a specified range or on the complete domain of a function.

Differential Calculus

Differential calculus is defined as a subfield of calculus related to the study of the rates at which measures change. It is one of the two traditional divisions of calculus, the other is known as the integral calculus where you will study the area beneath a curve.

Integral Calculus

In mathematics, an integral allocates numbers to functions in a method that can define displacement, volume, area, and other thoughts that stand up by joining infinitesimal data. Integration is one of the two leading operations of calculus, with its inverse operation, differentiation, being the other.

Errors in Measurements

Errors in measurement or we can say measurement error refers to the difference between a measured quantity and its exact value. It comprises random error and systematic error.

Exercise-wise Discussion for HC Verma Solutions Class 11 Physics Chapter 2 – Physics and Mathematics

Exercise 1 – Short Answer Type Questions

This exercise of HC Verma Part 1 Physics and Mathematics Chapter has around 14 questions which are short answer type questions.

Exercise 2 – Objective Type Questions I

Exercise 2 of HC Verma Part 1 Solutions consists of 6 questions that are multiple-choice questions. Practising these questions will help you clear your concepts.

Exercise 3 – Objective Type Questions II

This exercise of HC Verma Concepts of Physics Part 1 also consists of 5 objective type questions. In these questions, you can have two or more correct statements.

Exercise 4 – Long Answer Type Questions

Exercise 4 is the last exercise of the chapter with a total of 35 questions. It consists of long answer type questions for your practice. All the questions of this exercise are based on the important concepts of Chapter 2.

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