HC Verma Sound Waves Solutions (Chapter 16)

HC Verma Solutions for Class 11 Concepts of Physics Part-1 Sound Waves helps you understand the concepts of the chapter in-depth. All these HC Verma Sound Waves Solutions are prepared by expert teachers of Physics who understand the parameters and guidelines set by CBSE for HC Verma Class 11 Physics Solutions. HC Verma Sound Waves solutions are also ideal study material for JEE and NEET preparation. The solutions contain detailed explanations of all the questions given.

Sound Waves is an important chapter to understand the different concepts of physics like the nature and propagation of sound waves, displacement wave and pressure wave, speed of a sound wave in a material medium, Newton’s Formula, and Laplace’s Correction. Referring to these solutions, you will also study the intensity of sound waves, determination of speed in sound in air, diffraction, sonic booms, Doppler Effect, and appearance of sound to the human ear.

Chapter 16 ‘Sound Waves’ of HC Verma Concepts of Physics Part 1 consists of a total of 4 exercises with 118 questions. Our experts have provided stepwise solutions to each exercise question to ensure your complete clarity on the concepts. The HC Verma Chapter Sound Waves solutions will help you to understand the chapter as well as remember it in a way that you can answer any question and score well.

Important Topics for HC Verma Concepts of Physics Part-1 Chapter 16: Sound Waves

The Propagation of Sound Waves

Sound is a system of waves of pressure that circulates through compressible media such as air or water. Sound can transmit through solids as well, but there are added modes of propagation. During their propagation, waves can be reproduced, refracted, or weakened by the medium.

Displacement Wave 

Particle displacement is also known as displacement amplitude. It is a quantity of distance of the movement of a sound element from its equilibrium location in a medium as it conducts a sound wave. The SI unit of particle displacement is calculated in metre (m).

Pressure Wave

A wave in which the propagated disruption is a deviation of pressure in a substantial medium. It is also known as P-wave.

The Intensity of Sound Waves

Sound intensity is also called acoustic intensity. It is described as the power sustained by sound waves per unit area in a way perpendicular to that area. The SI unit of intensity, which contains sound intensity, is the watt per square meter (W/m2).

Sound intensity: I, SIL

Sound pressure: p, SPL,LPA

Doppler Effect

The Doppler Effect is used to calculate the speed at which stars and galaxies are approaching or retreating from us, in a phenomenon named red shift or blue shift. Redshift occurs when light seen coming from a body that is moving away is proportionally greater than before in wavelength or shifted to the red end of the spectrum.

Sonic Booms

A sonic boom is a sound related to the shock waves produced whenever a body moving through the air faster than the speed of sound. Sonic booms produce huge amounts of sound energy, sounding identical to an eruption or a thunderclap to the human ear.

Laplace’s Correction

A correction to the control of the speed of sound in a gaseous medium. Newton supposed that the pressure-volume alterations that happen when a sound wave movements through the gas are isothermal. Laplace was, therefore, able to attain agreement among theory and experiment by supposing that pressure-volume variations are adiabatic.

Exercise-wise Discussion for HC Verma Concepts of Physics Part-1 Chapter 16: Sound Waves

Exercise 1 – Short Answer Type Questions

This exercise of HC Verma Solutions Part 1 Sound Waves has around 8 questions which are short answer type questions.

Exercise 2 – Objective Type Questions I

Exercise 2 consists of 16 questions that are multiple-choice questions. Practising these questions will help you clear your concepts.

Exercise 3 – Objective Type Questions II

This exercise of HC Verma Concepts of Physics Part 1 Solutions for Sound Waves also consists of 5 objective type questions. In these questions, you can have two or more correct statements.

Exercise 4 – Long Answer Type Questions

Exercise 4 is the last exercise of the chapter with a total of 89 questions. It consists of long answer type questions for your practice. All the questions of this exercise are based on the important concepts of sound waves.

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