Higher Algebra Hall & Knight Recurring Continued Fractions (Chapter 27) Solutions

Hall and Knight Higher Algebra Solutions for Chapter 27 ‘Recurring Continued Fractions’ is a reliable set of answers to the exercise questions in this chapter. These solutions are a perfect study guide for competitive exams like JEE and NEET along with Class 12 Maths. You will get to solve some numerical examples about how a periodic continued fraction is equivalent to quadratic surds. In this chapter of Higher Algebra by Hall and Knight, You will also learn the technique to convert a quadratic surd into a continued fraction. Other topics of significant weightage covered in this chapter are the recurring quotients, partial quotient at the end of a period, equal partial quotients, and the penultimate convergents of the periods.

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Important Topics Covered under Hall and Knight Higher Algebra Solutions Chapter 27: Recurring Continued Fractions


A given quadratic surd can be converted and expressed in the form of an infinite continued fraction, the quotients of which are recurring in nature. This has been explained in the chapter with the help of numerical examples.

Periodic Continued Fraction

All the periodic continued fractions are equal to one of the roots of a quadratic equation in which the coefficients are rational numbers.

Let x and y be the continued fraction and the periodic part respectively, such that

m, n, …u, v are positive integers

The equation is given as,

, which gives the value of y (assumed as the periodic part) as its roots which are real and bear opposite signs.

Substituting the value of y in x and rationalizing the denominator, we get x in the form.

Quadratic Surd

We follow the following rules and formula to convert a given quadratic surd in the form of a quadratic fraction,

If we assume N to be a positive integer which is not a perfect square, a1 is the greatest integer in 

Now if b1 is the greatest integer in, the


so on.

Therefore,can be expressed in the form of an infinite continued fraction.

This fraction will have periodic quotients in the form of.

,… as the first, second, … quotients.

Also, the numbers a1, r1, b1,… are positive integers along with the quantities a2, a3,… and r2,r3,… being positive integers.

Complete and Partial Quotients

The first complete quotient and the subsequent quotients can be proved to be recurring in nature.

Similarly, the partial quotients also recur and each cycle has 2a12 number of partial quotients at most.

Size of Period

It can be proved that a period begins with the second partial quotient and ends with the partial quotient which is two times the quotient of the first partial quotient. Mathematically,  and

Penultimate Convergents of the Recurring Periods

Exercise Discussion of Hall and Knight Higher Algebra Solutions Chapter 27: Recurring Continued Fractions

  1. In exercise 27.a, you will be required to find the sixth convergent after conversion of given surds into continued fractions, limits of the error, express roots of a given expression as a continued fraction. 
  2. Other questions covered in this exercise will require you to evaluate the difference between the given infinite continued fractions.
  3. In exercise 27.b, the questions are such that they require conversion of surds into continued fractions and find the fourth or fifth convergent to each. 
  4. This exercise will also require you to prove some important results that you may use in the topics ahead.

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