Lakhmir Singh Science Class 8 Solutions Crop Production and Management (Chapter 1)

Lakhmir Singh Solutions for Class 8 Science Chapter 1 deals with agricultural practices related to crop production and their management. It includes an overview of different crops, their climatic and nutritional necessities and the preparation of soil for the complete development of the crops. The chapter of Lakhmir Singh Solutions also deals with the storage and harvesting of crops. You will also learn how food from animals is distributed to other sources.

The main topics covered in this chapter include Preparation of Soil, Irrigation, Harvesting, Sowing, Protection from Weeds, Adding Manure and Fertilisers, Basic Practices of Crop Production, Storage and Food from Animals, and other best Agricultural Practices. The chapter of Lakhmir Singh Class 8 Science Solutions has around 5 exercises with around 103 questions in total. All the questions are according to the latest guidelines released by CBSE. So, solving the exercises will help you prepare and excel in the examinations.

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Important Topics for Lakhmir Singh Solutions for Class 8 Science Chapter 1 – Crop Production and Management

We all know Science is one of the most important subjects and some of us find it difficult to understand. Here, the team of Instasolv is going to make the subject very easy to understand for you. Below some important topics and sub-topics in the chapter are described for you to clear your concepts.

Preparation of Soil

The soil is loosened and slanted before the seeds are spread. Ploughs are used for the purpose. If the soil encloses big lumps, they are smashed with the help of a hoe. This process ventilates the soil so that the roots breathe easily. The nutrients and minerals get correctly mixed with the soil and come at the top. Thus, the potency of the soil rises and is fit for plantation.

Sowing of Seeds

The good quality, infection-free seeds are composed and spread on the organized land. The seeds should be spread at proper distances. The several methods that are used to sow the seeds include traditional techniques, dibbling, transplanting, broadcasting, hill dropping, drilling, and check row planting.

Food from Animals

Animals are a significant source to provide us food. The nurturing of animals for food is called animal husbandry. Some animals like cows and buffaloes are nurtured for milk, goats and poultry are nurtured for meat. Some people eat fish as a part of their diet. Honeybees are nurtured for honey. Thus, animals are an important source of food.

Addition of Manures and Fertilizers

Soil may not consist of the right nutrients to proficiently endure plant growth. Hence, manures and fertilizers are added to the soil to raise its fertility and to help plants grow better. Manure is arranged by decomposing plant and animal matter in compost pits. Whereas, fertilizers are chemicals arranged in factories which consist of nutrients for a precise plant. They give faster results than manures.

Protection from Weeds

The unwanted plants that propagate beside the crops are called weeds. These weeds nourish the nutrients given to the crops and thus decrease the supply of nutrients to the crops, thus, obstructing their growth. The growth of these weeds need not be permitted in order to improve the growth of the plants.

However, the process of removal of weeds is called weeding. In this process, weedicides are generally sprayed before seeding and flowering.


For the proper growth of the crops, we need to water them at regular intervals. This supply of water to the plants from time to time is called irrigation. Well, rivers, lakes, tube-wells are various sources for irrigation. The traditional methods of agriculture include the use of humans and animals.

Exercise-Wise Discussion of Lakhmir Singh Solutions for Class 8 Science Chapter 1– Crop Production and Management

This chapter of Class 8 Science has a total of 5 exercises with around 103 questions which are entirely based on the latest exam pattern released by NCERT. The questions range from basic to advance level so that you can easily understand each and every topic of the chapter. Below you will see how the exercises are divided into the chapter. 

Exercise 1 – Very Short Answer Type Questions

The first exercise of the chapter has around 30 questions which are very short answer type questions.

Exercise 2 –Short Answer Type Questions

This exercise of Chapter 1 – Crop Production and Management has around 39 questions which are short answer type questions. Practicing these questions will help you clear your concepts.

Exercise 3 –Long Answer Type Questions

Lakhmir Singh Solutions for Class 8 Science Chapter 1 Exercise 1.3 consists of a total of 9 questions which are long answer type questions.

Exercise 4 –Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

Exercise 4 of Lakhmir Singh Solutions for Chapter 1 consist of 20 questions that are multiple-choice questions.

Exercise 5 – Questions Based on High Order Thinking

This is the last exercise of the chapter and has around 5 questions which are based on high order thinking. Practising these questions will help you in preparing for your CBSE exams well.

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