Lakhmir Singh Chemistry Class 9 Solutions Is Matter Around Us Pure (Chapter 2)

Lakhmir Singh Chemistry Class 9 Solutions ‘Is Matter Around us Pure?’ – Chapter 2 is created by our science subject matter experts for class 9. Now you can prepare this chapter thoroughly by referring to our solutions and solve all your doubts instantly. In this chapter, you will understand what it means by pure substances, impure substances, solutions and chemical and physical changes.

Class 9 Chemistry Chapter-2 of Lakhmir Singh Solutions has a total of 14 exercises with more than 130 questions. The questions in the book are entirely based on the latest CBSE/NCERT exam pattern. The chapter contains several topics that are explained in a perfect manner. It is essential for you to understand the chapter thoroughly so that you can easily solve the questions which can be asked in the exams. 

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Topics covered in Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur Solutions Chapter 2- Is Matter Around us Pure


This chapter teaches you about mixtures. Mixtures are made of more than one kind of pure form of matter. Also, you will get to know the types of mixtures. 


A solution is known as a homogeneous mixture of two or more substances. Examples of the solution are lemonade, soda water, etc. Also, you will know if alloys are also solutions. Every substance has some properties or features and similarly, a solution has some properties which are thoroughly explained in the chapter. Subtopics of solution topic are:

  • Concentration of solution 
  • Suspension 
  • Colloidal solution 

Separating the Components of Mixture 

This section will guide you about how the different components of a mixture are separated. There are many separation methods that are carried out to take out the pure substance. 

In this topic, you will learn about:

  • How to obtain coloured dye from black or blue ink?
  • How to separate cream from milk?
  • How to separate a mixture of two immiscible liquids?
  • How to separate a mixture of ammonium chloride and salt?
  • Is the dye present in black ink a single colour?
  • How can we separate a mixture of two miscible liquids?
  • How to obtain different gases from the air?
  • How to obtain pure copper sulphate from any impure sample?

Physical and Chemical Changes

If you want to understand the difference between a pure substance and a mixture, then it is essential to understand the concept of physical and chemical changes. 

Types of Pure substances

On the basis of chemical classification, substances are classified as elements and compounds. To understand the concept of substances, it is better to know which substance is an element and which is a compound. Also, you will learn about the differences between elements, mixtures, and compounds.

Exercise- Wise Discussion of Lakhmir Singh Chemistry Class 9 Solutions ‘Is Matter Around us Pure?’ – Chapter 2

This chapter has 14 exercises and more than 130 questions. All the questions are based according to the CBSE syllabus. From basic one word questions to the advanced level questions, you will be able to understand the entire chapter in a perfect manner. Below is the exercise wise discussion of the chapter:

Exercise 1 (Page 105)

This exercise has 29 questions which are short question answers. You will be asked to answer the names of the solvent, the difference in the property, the name of the processes, etc. 

Exercise 2 (Page 106)

This exercise set has 36 questions in total which are based on methods, principles, processes, etc. 

Exercise 3 (Page 107)

This exercise has 5 questions which are entirely based on diagram questions. You will understand different topics like fractional distillation along with diagrams while you answer the question. 

Exercise 4 (Page 108)

This exercise has a total of 5 questions in different situations. In such situations, you will have to identify the things asked in the questions. 

Exercise 5 (Page 56)

This exercise has around 15 questions which are the one-word answer based questions. You will have to identify metals, property, liquid, mixtures, etc. 

Exercise 6 (Page 57)

This exercise set has 30 questions in total which are based on elements, compounds, metals, pure substances, and other types of questions. 

Exercise 7 (Page 58)

This exercise set has 10 questions in which you will understand the concepts of the entire chapter as the exercise has questions based on all the topics of the chapter. 

Exercise 8 (Page 59)

This exercise has 2 questions in which you will have to identify different substances, elements or solutions.

Exercise 9 (Page 60)

This exercise set has only three questions with different situations in which you will have to identify if the substance is an element, non-metal, metal, metalloid or compound.

Exercise 10(page 79)

This exercise has 17 questions which are a mixture of the numerical, one-word answer, true or false, etc. the questions are from the overall chapter to check your skillset. 

Exercise 11(page 80)

This exercise set has 24 questions in which you are given numerical, questions on physical and chemical change, suspension solution and colloids.

Exercise 12, 13, 14 have around 15 questions based on different topics of this chapter.

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