Lakhmir Singh Physics Class 9 Solutions Work and Energy (Chapter 4)

Lakhmir Singh Physics Class 9 Solutions Work and Energy Chapter 4 is introduced to guide you about work and energy. Everybody including human beings, animals and machines need the energy to perform activities. For instance, human beings need food for generating energy and machines to need fuel to work properly. In this chapter, we will know the need for energy to perform various activities.

Lakhmir Singh Solutions for ‘Work and Energy’ has around 9 exercises with a total of 140 questions. Chapter 4 covers topics like work, work done by force, energy, different forms of energy, rate of doing work. You can refer to the Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur Solutions Chapter 4 Physics if you wish to score better in the CBSE Class 9 exams. The solutions provided are appropriate and to the point making the chapter easy for you. 

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Important points on Lakhmir Singh Physics Class 9 Solutions Work and energy Chapter 4

  • You will first learn about work done on any object. Also, you will get to know the relation between work and force. You will get to know all the terminologies associated with work like how is the work zero if an action is done, or how much work is applied on the object?
  • The next topic is Energy. Something is known to have energy if it has the capability of doing work. 
  • After that, you will learn about the different forms of energy. Also, you will find some formulas which will guide you to find the right amount of energy needed or spent. The different forms of energy include kinetic energy, potential energy, heat energy, etc. 
  • Furthermore, you will learn how to save energy through the law of conservation of energy. 
  • After discussing all these concepts, the chapter introduces the concept of Power which is known as the rate of doing work. 

This is a brief summary of what all topics are included in the chapter but to get the detailed information and right knowledge, you need to go through the chapter thoroughly to prepare for your exams in a better way. 

This chapter teaches you all about how things work? What essential things are required to perform any particular activity be it the working of machinery or running, swimming, etc. when it comes to human beings. Once you have gone through the entire chapter in detail, you will then start solving the exercise questions. Initially, the questions might seem quite difficult for you but with a little guidance, you can solve the issues within minutes. Just go through Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur Solutions for Chapter 4 Physics created by our subject matter experts. The solutions provided in the chapter are up to the mark and easy to understand. 

Exercise Wise Discussion of Lakhmir Singh Solutions Class 9 Physics Chapter 4 – Work and Energy

Lakhmir Singh Class 9 Physics book Chapter 4 has around 140 questions in a total of 9 exercises. Let us see how the exercises are divided:

Exercise 1 page 145

This exercise consists of 25 questions based on work and energy. You will have to answer the questions shortly. 

Exercise 2 Page 146

This exercise set also has 25 questions in which you need to find energy, mass, work and other things as asked in the question. Not only does this section contain numerical but also has some short answer questions in which you need to explain why or how the things happened. 

Exercise 3 Page 147

This exercise has a total of 8 questions based on only work and energy. You will have to find work and energy in different situations. The exercise is a mixture of numerical and definitions that you need to answer properly. 

Exercise 4 Page 148

This exercise only has one question which asks you a proper illustration of the work done in the situation mentioned. 

Exercise 5 Page 149

The exercise set has 9 questions in which you will have to find energy and work done in different questions. To solve all the questions, it is necessary to have proper knowledge of energy, its types and work. 

Exercise 6 Page 162

This exercise only contains short answer questions based on the entire chapter. With one-word answers to a proper explanation, all the types of questions are covered in this exercise. 

Exercise 7 Page 163

This exercise might be difficult for you as it has questions in which you need to find out many things like energy once and then power. Thus, it is necessary to keep a hold of the theoretical knowledge of the chapter properly to later solve the questions practically. This exercise set has 19 questions in all. 

Exercise 8 Page 164

This exercise has only one question in which you need to prove the law of conservation of energy in the context of the question given. 

Exercise 9 Page 165

This exercise has only three questions which are based on work, power and energy collectively. 

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