MS Chauhan Organic Chemistry Solutions for NEET and JEE

MS Chauhan Organic Chemistry is one of the best books to prepare for NEET , JEE and AIIMS entrance exams. MS Chauhan Organic Chemistry for NEET & JEE consists of questions along with the detailed solutions from all the important topics in one place for your convenience. The topics covered in MS Chauhan Solutions are general organic chemistry, isomerism, Grignard reagent, hydrocarbons, alkyl halides, alcohols, ethers, epoxides, aldehydes and ketones, aldol and Cannizzaro reaction, carboxylic acids and its derivatives, amines, carbene and nitrene, aromatic compounds, practical organic chemistry, biomolecules and IUPAC names. 

The whole syllabus of MS Chauhan Organic Chemistry has been divided wisely into the above portions to encompass all the relevant concepts required for best and effective learning. The questions are divided into level-1 and level-2 types. Level-1 questions are multiple-choice type questions, and level-2 questions are subjective type questions which prepare you well for JEE mains and advance examinations. 

MS Chauhan Organic Chemistry Solutions for JEE & NEET provides an ample amount of practice in the subject. These solutions have been written by subject matter experts in Organic Chemistry which acts as an important source of NEET & JEE exam preparation. This question bank is recommended by most of the faculties and the rank holders of JEE & NEET exams for effective practising and polishing of your knowledge.

MS Chauhan Organic Chemistry

MS Chauhan Solutions for Organic Chemistry: Chapter-wise

Our MS Chauhan Organic Chemistry solutions are designed to provide comprehensive coverage of best solution practices from the subject of Organic Chemistry. The questions consist of all types like predicting the reagents, products, reactants and stereochemical outcomes in the given questions. These solutions prepare you effectively with all the topics by providing specialised tips and techniques to solve all the questions.  

MS Chauhan Organic Chemistry book comprises 15 chapters in total. The details of the topics covered in the MS Chauhan Chemistry Chemistry book are discussed below. 

MS Chauhan Organic Chemistry Chapter 1 Solutions: General Organic Chemistry

The first chapter is based on general Organic Chemistry and deals with very basic topics in Organic Chemistry like primary, secondary and tertiary carbon atoms; various functional groups; carbocations, carbanions and their stability; acidity and basicity in organic compounds; resonance structures; the heat of combustion; hyperconjugation and other electronic effects and hydrogen bonding. Level-1 contains 190 multiple choice questions, and level-2 contains 67 mixed questions of higher level.

MS Chauhan Organic Chemistry Chapter 2 Solutions: Isomerism

The second chapter of MS Chauhan Organic Chemistry theory book is based on the concepts of isomerism in Organic Chemistry and deals with constitutional isomers, geometrical isomers, optical isomers. It also deals with the conformation of cycloalkane compounds, Newman and Sawhorse projections, chair and boat conformations of cyclohexanes. 

Some questions are based on chirality, achirality, chiral centre, optical purity, R- and S- configuration also. MS Chauhan Organic Chemistry for NEET & JEE contains 200 multiple choice questions, and level-2 contains 63 questions that are a mix of match the columns questions, MCQs and subjective type of questions of higher level.

MS Chauhan Organic Chemistry Chapter 3 Solutions: Grignard Reagent

All about Grignard Reagent has been covered in the third chapter. Chemistry of Grignard reagents is based on the fact that carbanions are the reactive species here. You will learn that this reaction type is a tool for making C-C bonds for preparation of various types of alcohols starting from aldehydes and ketones. These highly sensitive reactions form a very important section of Organic Chemistry syllabus. There are 66 MCQs in level-1 and level-2 of MS Chauhan Organic Chemistry that contain 11 higher-level questions, some of them are subjective types.

MS Chauhan Organic Chemistry Chapter 4A Solutions: Hydrocarbons

The backbone of Organic Chemistry is the three types hydrocarbons —alkanes, alkenes and alkynes. Here they have been in detail. In chapter 4A of MS Chauhan Organic Chemistry Solutions, you get to know about the methods of preparation of alkanes and their reactions. Concepts like Wurtz reaction, hydrogenation reactions, and photochemical reactions have been covered here. All the aspects of stereoisomerism are also covered here. There are 50 questions given in level-1 and 13 questions in level-2.

MS Chauhan Organic Chemistry Chapter 4B Solutions: Hydrocarbons

The second section of the important topic of hydrocarbons is all about alkenes. You will learn here all the methods of preparation of alkenes like dehydrogenation, dehydration and elimination reactions. Also, You will learn the reaction of alkenes like hydrogenation, ozonolysis, oxidation, hydroboration-oxidation and other stereochemical aspects of these reactions. Level-1 of this chapter has 229 MCQs whereas level-2 has 13 questions of subjective type.

MS Chauhan Organic Chemistry Chapter 4C Solutions: Hydrocarbons

In chapter 4C of MS Chauhan Organic Chemistry for JEE & NEET, you will learn all about the most reactive hydrocarbons alkynes. You will also learn about the preparation of alkynes from calcium carbide and vicinal dihalides. Next, You will learn the reactions of alkynes based on its acidic character; addition reactions like the addition of hydrogen, hydrogen halides, water, halogens; and polymerisation. Our MS Chauhan Organic Chemistry Solutions provides the best answers to all the 32 questions of level-1 asked in this chapter.

MS Chauhan Organic Chemistry Chapter 5A Solutions: Alkyl Halides

This part is based on the most important reaction intermediates in Organic Chemistry that is alkyl halides. You come to know all about the substitution reactions undergone by this important class of compounds. You get to know about SN1, SN2 and SNi types of nucleophilic substitution reactions, the required conditions and other criticalities involving these reactions. MS Chauhan solutions chapter 5A has 82 questions in level-1, followed by 19 level-2 questions.

MS Chauhan Organic Chemistry Chapter 5B Solutions: Alkyl Halides

This chapter is based on another important category of reactions known as elimination reactions shown by alkyl halides. With the help of our MS Chauhan Organic Chemistry Solutions, you get to solve problems related to E1 and E2 types of elimination reaction, their preferred condition of occurrence and all the stereochemical aspects of these reactions. This chapter has 73 questions in level-1, followed by 21 level-2 questions requiring higher solving skills.

MS Chauhan Organic Chemistry Chapter 5C Solutions: Alkyl Halides

Chapter 5C of MS Chauhan Organic Chemistry is based on nucleophilic substitution and elimination reactions shown by cyclic alkyl halides. All the reaction conditions, required reagents, prerequisites and stereochemical outcomes have been discussed in detail here. This chapter has 42 questions in level-1 and 4 level-2 questions with 1 subjective type question.

MS Chauhan Organic Chemistry Chapter 6 Solutions: Alcohol, Either, Expodises

This chapter tells all about alcohol, ether and epoxide class of compounds. In MS Chauhan Organic Chemistry Solutions, you become aware of the types of alcohols like primary, secondary and tertiary alcohols. It also teaches you the methods for their preparation using alkenes, aldehydes and ketones and carboxylic acids. You also learn about the preparations of ethers starting from alcohols, alkyl halides and sodium alkoxides/aryloxides and various reagents and reaction conditions involved.

This chapter also deals with preparations of epoxides. Next, the chapter covers all the reactions of these compounds on the basis of the functional groups they contain. As the chapter is large there are 157 MCQs in level-1 and 12 questions in level-2. 

MS Chauhan Organic Chemistry Chapter 7 Solutions: Aldehyde and Ketones

This is a very important chapter of the competitive exam syllabus (mainely JEE & NEET). Aldehyde and ketones serve as major reaction intermediates in synthetic organic chemistry. This chapter deals with all the preparation methods for aldehydes and ketones starting from alcohols, hydrocarbons and other compounds. 

You also learn about the important area of effect of the structure of the carbonyl group on the reactivity of these compounds and the various reactions shown by them like nucleophilic addition reactions. This chapter of MS Chauhan Organic Chemistry consists of a lot of named reactions like Stephen reaction, Gatterman-Koch reaction, Etard reaction, Wolff-Kishner reduction. You also get to know about the tests like Fehling’s and Tollen’s reagents test. Here you find 151 questions in level-1, all of them MCQ type and 9 questions in level-2.  

MS Chauhan Organic Chemistry Chapter 8 Solutions: Aldol & Cannizzaro Reactions

Aldol and Cannizzaro reactions are the specialised reactions shown by aldehydes and ketones and find much attention in various question papers. This chapter deals with the topic in a comprehensive manner and tells all the reaction conditions required for these reactions and the specific types of α, β-unsaturated products formed as a result. There are 44 questions in level-1 and 8 questions in level-2 and all are answered methodically by our MS Chauhan Solutions.

MS Chauhan Organic Chemistry Chapter 9 Solutions: Carboxylic Acids and Their Derivatives

The ninth chapter of MS Chauhan Organic Chemistry Solutions is based on carboxylic acids and their derivatives. Here You will learn all about the preparation of carboxylic acid starting from primary alcohols and aldehydes by their oxidation and from alkylbenzenes, amides, nitriles, esters, acyl halides and Grignard reagents using various reagents. Our MS Chauhan Organic Chemistry Solutions lets you also practise concepts about the reactions shown by carboxylic acids to form its various derivatives like esters, anhydrides and the reagents required. This chapter contains 71 MCQ in level-1 and 2 descriptive questions in level-2.

MS Chauhan Organic Chemistry Chapter 10 Solutions: Amines

In this chapter, you will find all the important aspects of nitrogen-containing alkyl and aryl amines as a topic of organic chemistry. You will learn that these are derivatives of ammonia and are of three types primary, secondary and tertiary. They can be prepared starting from alkyl halides, nitro compounds, nitriles and amides. You will learn about Gabriel phthalimide and Hoffmann bromamide degradation reactions. 

You will learn about the basicity of alkylamines, resonance structures of arylamines and how these properties affect their chemical reactivity. This chapter has 20 level-1 and 1 level-2 questions in store for your practice. 

MS Chauhan Organic Chemistry Chapter 11 Solutions: Carbene and Nitrene

Chapter 10 of MS Chauhan book covers the reactive intermediates carbene and nitrene. These are the basis of understanding of several chemical reaction mechanisms. Here you will learn that Carbenes contain two unshared valence electrons and hence are very reactive. These are the active species in many named reactions and organometallic chemistry. Nitrenes are the nitrogen analogue of carbene and are strong electrophiles as their octet is yet not complete. 

Our MS Chauhan Solutions answers all the 41 level-1 MCQ based on these concepts along with the 9 level-2 questions.

MS Chauhan Organic Chemistry Chapter 12 Solutions: Aromatic Compounds

This chapter deals with preparation, properties and reactions of all aromatic compounds in the syllabus. These are different from aliphatic compounds because of the resonance in aromatic rings. You will learn about their preparation from other aliphatic and aromatic compounds. You also learn that they do not undergo nucleophilic substitution reactions like aliphatic compounds but prefer electrophilic substitution in the ring. 

You also learn about the effect of groups already present on the group on the position of incoming groups in the ring. There are 216 questions in level-1, all of which are multiple-choice type and 21 questions in the level-2 section.

MS Chauhan Organic Chemistry Chapter 13 Solutions: Practical Organic Chemistry

You will learn all the aspects of practical Organic Chemistry in this portion. MS Chauhan Organic Chemistry Solutions deals with the methods of differentiating between any two organic compounds by performing several chemical tests like Hinsberg test, Tollen’s test, Fehling’s test, Carbylamine test, Iodoform test and others. Here you find 28 MCQ type questions in level-1 and 4 descriptive questions in level-2.

MS Chauhan Organic Chemistry Chapter 14 Solutions: Biomolecules

Biomolecules is an important topic of chemistry joining the chemical sciences to biological sciences and hence is very important from exam point of view too. You will learn all about carbohydrates, amino acids, proteins, vitamins, nucleosides, nucleotides and nucleic acids in this chapter. All the basic information about the structure and properties of these molecules have been discussed here. Their roles in the body of living things have been covered in detail. 

There are 50 questions in level-1 which ask you to choose one correct option among the given four, and there are 8 descriptive questions in level-2.

MS Chauhan Organic Chemistry Chapter 15 Solutions: IUPAC Names

MS Chauhan Organic Chemistry solutions for NEET & JEE exam preparation, deals with all the rules of IUPAC names of organic compounds. As a chemistry student, you must know all the rules and regulations for naming a compound laid by IUPAC. The definitive and step by step practise of naming compounds starts with identifying the longest carbon chain, identifying the functional groups and their priorities and finally naming the compounds according to the rules.  In this chapter, you encounter 71 level-1 questions all of them MCQ type and 134 descriptive questions at level-2.