NCERT Exemplar Class 12 Biology Chapter 1 Solutions: Reproduction in Organism

NCERT Exemplar Class 12 Biology Solutions Chapter 1: Reproduction in Organism is designed to help the students who want to outshine in their CBSE NCERT Exemplar Class 12 Biology Board exams. Reproduction in organisms is a lengthy topic that involves the process of fertilization and the formation of new individuals. The NCERT Exemplar Solutions will give you a brief overview of the sexual and asexual reproduction in both plants and animals. These NCERT Exemplar problems with solutions will help you in a deep understanding of the concepts of pre fertilization and post-fertilization events in plants as well as animals.

NCERT Exemplar Class 12 Biology Solutions Chapter 1 contains 49 Exemplar problems categorized into 4 sections namely: MCQs, VSA, SA, and long answer types. These NCERT Exemplar problems are framed as per your CBSE guidelines and will be beneficial for your exam point of view.

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Important Topics for NCERT Exemplar Class 12 Biology Solutions Chapter1: Reproduction  in Organism

This NCERT Exemplar Chapter 1 forms the basis of many other topics that arise in biology. Let’s have a look at some important topics  and definitions involved in this chapter are:

  • Asexual reproduction –  Asexual reproduction is the type of reproduction at which a single species is capable of forming an organism. These organisms are similar to one another. These organisms are also termed as a copy of their parent individuals. There is a term Clone used for describing the identical nature of these asexually formed species. This is a fast process compared to sexual reproduction.
  • Sexual reproduction – Sexual reproduction is the type of reproduction that involves the formation of male and female gametes. This formation occurs by the same individuals or by the different individuals of the opposite sex. Further, these gametes fuse together to form a zygote which develops to form a new offspring. This is a slow process compared to asexual reproduction.

After gaining some maturity, these sexual reproducing species manifest events and processes. These species are grouped into three distinct events namely: pre fertilization, fertilization, and post-fertilization events, etc. We will go through each of them one by one.

Pre-fertilization event –  Pre-fertilisation events include all the events of sexual reproduction, which is related to the formation of gametes( male and female). The two types of pre-fertilization events  are seen in sexual reproduction are:

  •   Gametogenesis.
  •   Gamete transfer

Gametogenesis involves the formation of gametes in sexual reproduction. These gametes are male and female gametes. Gametes are haploid cells.

On the other hand,  Gamete transfer is said to be the process of gametes transfer. In this process, male gamete and female gamete are physically bought together for fusion. In most of the cases, male gametes are motile and female gametes are stationary.

Fertilization event –  This event is a vital event of sexual reproduction. Fertilization is the process of the formation of gametes. In this process, the male gametes and female gametes fused together leads to the formation of new individuals.

For example – Like in animals, when a sperm fuses with an ovum to form a new individual named embryo.

 Post- fertilization – Post-fertilisation events are the major event in sexual reproduction events. This event occurs after fertilization in humans. This event leads to the development of seed from an ovule and a fruit from the ovary. 

Discussion of Exercises of NCERT Exemplar Class 12 biology solutions Chapter 1: Reproduction in the organism

  • As mentioned above, there are 49 NCERT Exemplar problems with solutions for class 12 biology that are there in this chapter. These questions are further grouped into 4 sections namely: 18 MCQs (Where you need to pick the one correct answer among options), 15 VSA (These are reason-based), 11 SA (It needs a better grip over concepts), and the last  5 LA (these questions are tricky questions to solve it).
  • The first set of questions are MCQs. This section consists of 18 NCERT Exemplar problems. You need not worry to solve these questions. They are simple questions compared to other sections. These questions generally use the concepts of sexual reproduction and its subtopics like post-fertilization events, pre-fertilization events. Some questions are from the asexual reproduction part as well.
  • The second set of NCERT exemplar problems are very short answer types. It comprises 15 questions which will judge you on the concepts like embryogenesis, fertilization, pollination, self-pollination, gametogenesis, etc. These are reason-based where you need to answer in one or two lines.
  • The next set of questions are short answer type questions. It has 11 NCERT Exemplar problems. These questions are tough compared to MCQs and VSA. These NCERT Exemplar problems for Class  12 biology with solutions will brush up your knowledge on the concepts like vegetative reproduction, fertilization events, pollination, haploid organisms, and so on. Some of the questions are diagrammed based on where you need to draw a sketch.
  • The last section contains 5 Exemplar problems, and are long answer types. These questions are tricky in which you must have a deeper understanding of the concepts involved in this chapter. A question no. 1 of this section covers almost all the topics associated with it, In which you have to differentiate between sexual and asexual reproduction.

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