NCERT Exemplar Class 12 Biology Chapter 15 Solutions: Biodiversity and Conservation

NCERT Exemplar Class 12 Biology Solutions Chapter 15 Biodiversity and Conservation make you ready on this topic for the upcoming board exams or competitive exams like NEET. This chapter of NCERT Class 12 Biology Exemplar deals with one of the most important concepts that is Biodiversity. It is the co-existence of all the different living organisms on this planet Earth. It includes everything that you see around yourself that is animals, plants, birds, humans, and every other living thing on this planet. But most importantly, it talks about the ways to conserve it and why we should save our biodiversity.

There are several topics touched upon, like genetic diversity, species diversity, and ecological diversity. There are several patterns in diversity as well as species-area relationships. The causes for the loss of biodiversity are also discussed along with the different ways to conserve biodiversity. They are critically divided across a total of 62 questions in this chapter, which are further divided into various subsets of exemplary high-level problems. The different sections are Multiple-choice questions (MCQ), Very short answer (VSA), Short answer(SA), and Long answer(LA).

These exercises-wise solutions are prepared by our experts, keeping in mind the difficulty level of each topic. NCERT Exemplar solutions class 12 helps to make this chapter an easy one for you by learning all the basic to intermediate level of concept and their application.

Important Topics NCERT Exemplar Class 12 Biology Solutions Chapter 15 – Biodiversity and Conservation

Genetic diversity: It alludes to the absolute number of genes in the genetic foundation of animal categories. For eg., the hereditary variety appeared by Rauwolfia vomitoria (restorative plant).

Species diversity: It speaks of the various number of species found in an environmental network. E.g., Western ghat has a more noteworthy land and proficient water species contrasted with the Eastern Ghats. 

Ecological diversity: Greater assorted variety saw at the biological system level in a specific territory with its deserts, mangroves, downpour woodlands, and so forth.

Patterns Of Biodiversity: There are various patterns of biodiversity which can be broadly divided into two:

Latitudinal Gradients: It basically tells us about the different distribution of diversity as the latitude of a place changes. For sake, we can see that species assorted variety diminishes towards the poles. There are multiple species in the tropics when contrasted with the mild and polar districts.

Species-Area Relationship: This relationship is depicted by a graph which is a rectangular hyperbola when drawn between species richness and area. 

Causes of Biodiversity Loss: Many things lead to the loss of biodiversity. The main reason among those is overexploitation of species, alien-species invasions, co-existence of various species, habitat loss and fragmentation

Biodiversity Conservation: It is the assurance, upliftment, and the board of biodiversity to infer maintainable advantages for present and people in the future. There are several ways to do that:

In situ conservation – It includes the insurance and protection of an assortment of creatures and plant species in its typical territory. It incorporates biosphere reserves, national parks, wild forests, and so on. 

Ex-situ conservation – It includes the security and protection of rare types of creatures and plants outside their characteristic natural surroundings—these incorporate zoos, aquariums, professional flowerbeds, and so forth.

Exercise Discussion of NCERT Exemplar Class 12 Biology Solutions Chapter 15 – Biodiversity and Conservation

  • The first section of NCERT Exemplar Class 12 Biology Solutions Chapter 15 has 20 questions, which are MCQs that are based on finding the species linked to which reason. There is also some match the following questions in this to test the same skill.
  • The second section has 16 questions, which are very short answer type questions that are focussed on community and various genetic definitions.
  • The third section has 17 questions, which are short answer types that will ask you about productivity and diversity in various regions. There are also some questions on endangered species and mass extinction.
  • The final section has 9 questions, which are long answer type questions that are based on species richness, species diversity, alien species. Some are also linked to the ecosystem services and conflict between humans and wildlife.

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