NCERT Exemplar Class 12 Physics Chapter 3 Solutions: Current Electricity

NCERT Exemplar Class 12 Physics Solutions for Chapter 3 ‘Current Electricity’ will help you study all the important concepts for CBSE Class 12 board exam. In NCERT Exemplar Class 12 Physics, there is always a chance of 5-8 marks questions in the CBSE exams from any of the topics like the Ohm’s law, resistivity, Kirchhoff’s rules, and Wheatstone bridge. You will find 31 NCERT Exemplar problems in this chapter for practice. 

The NCERT Exemplar problems and solutions for class 12 physics chapter 3 will help build your basic concepts required to solve the short answers to lengthy type questions. Instasolv’s NCERT Exemplar solutions are made following the requirement of students to revising their concepts. Our subject matter experts are well-versed with CBSE syllabus for class 11 physics and always ensures that it reflects in our solutions. 

Important Topics NCERT Exemplar Class 12 Physics Solutions Chapter 3 – Current Electricity

As you will solve the Exemplar problems of the chapter, you will learn more about the concepts that are explained in the NCERT book for this topic. Here are some important topics related to this chapter: 

  • Current electricity is the flow of charges. It is of 2 types – Direct and Alternating. 
  • Direct Current is any current flowing in a particular direction with its stable polarity of voltages. The pioneers of Direct Current are Thomas Edison and Volta. 
  • Alternative current changes its direction with a certain period in congruence with its polarity of voltages. Many changes were made by Nikola Tesla. 
  • OHM’s Law is the most important law of current electricity chapter and it is represented as V=R*I where V = voltage (any potential difference between given two points), I = Ampere (unit of current) and R= resistance (which repels the current flow). 
  • Kirchhoff’s voltage law says that the total arithmetic summation of any currents in a closed circle is 0.
  • Kirchhoff’s current law states that the current into a particular loop will be equal to the current outside the loop. 
  • Power Equation can be joined with Ohm’s law to know the unknown values. P=E*I; Where P = power, E = Voltage, I = Watts.
  • Wheatstone bridge technologically advanced by Charles Wheatstone to calculate the values of unknown resistance. It is used in several applications today as a resistance bridge.

Exercise Discussion ofNCERT Exemplar Class 12 Physics Solutions Chapter 3 – Current Electricity

  • NCERT Exemplar Problems and solutions for class 12 physics chapter 3 begin with 6 MCQs about the fundamental concepts of the chapter such as current, resistance, capacitance etc. 
  • There are 5 NCERT Exemplar problems that involve some calculations using Ohm’s law equations with power equations.
  • Then, 10 NCERT Exemplar problems require very short answers related to the basic idea about every concept, its advantage or its applications.
  • The next set of 6 NCERT Exemplar problems ask you to complete the circuits. This is entirely based on your regular practice with such types of questions.  Generally, students lose their marks in such questions due to the basic mistakes of signs or formulas.
  • At last, there are long-answers are based mostly on numerical problems. A thorough practice can help you solve these types of questions.           

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