NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Maths Chapter 10 Solutions: Algebraic Expression

NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Maths Solutions Chapter 10 ‘Algebraic Expressions’ are prepared to help you score a good rank in your CBSE exams. There are a total of 100 questions extensively providing detailed coverage of all the topics in this chapter of NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Maths. You will get to know what kind of questions are asked in your school exams after practising the exercise questions with the aid of Instasolv. This, in turn, will enhance your marks significantly. These questions are both objective and subjective in nature.

The topics that are covered in this chapter are an introduction to variables, constants and algebraic expressions. You will also learn about the terms and the coefficients in an algebraic expression. Definitions of monomial, binomial, and trinomial, also polynomials are also discussed in this chapter. Lastly and most importantly, you will also learn to perform different operations on algebraic expressions.

We, at Instasolv, understand the importance of this chapter for helping you to build a strong foundational base in algebra as this topic will have a lot of applications in various other topics in your higher classes. The expert team of Instasolv has employed simple language to help you in your self-study.

Topics Covered in NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Maths Solutions Chapter 10

Introduction to Algebraic Expressions

  1. When we combine different variables and constants using operations such as addition or subtraction, we obtain an algebraic expression of a kind depending on the terms of which the expression is composed of.
  2. A term is a combination of a numerical and an algebraic factor.
  3. The numerical in an algebraic term is known as its coefficient.

Like Terms and Unlike Terms

  1. The algebraic expressions in which the algebraic factor of the terms are the same have like terms.
  2. The algebraic expressions in which the algebraic factors of the terms are different, then they have, unlike terms.

Monomial, Binomial and Trinomial

  1. When there is just one term in an algebraic expression, it is termed as a monomial.
  2. If an algebraic expression consists of two unlike terms, it is known as a binomial.
  3. If an algebraic expression consists of three unlike terms, it is known as a trinomial.


More commonly, if an algebraic expression comprises more than one unlike terms (with non-negative integral exponents of the variables), it is termed as a Polynomial.

Simple Operations in Algebraic Expressions: 

  1. If we have to add or subtract two like terms in an expression, the algebraic factor remains as it is, while the coefficient becomes the sum or difference of the coefficients of all the like terms respectively.
  2. The rule to add or subtract two given algebraic expressions is to add or subtract only the like terms of the two expressions while letting the unlike terms be as they were.

Finding the Value of an Expression:

The value of an algebraic expression can be found by putting the value of the variable as given in the question and evaluating it.


The applications of algebraic expressions are many, but in this book, we will study the use of algebraic expressions in writing concise formulae for different maths problems.

Exercise Discussion of NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Maths Solutions Chapter 10

  1. In the NCERT Exemplar exercise questions, you will learn to evaluate a set of diverse questions by performing simple operations such as addition or subtraction on algebraic expressions.
  2. Questions 1 to 16 consist of multiple-choice questions where you will learn the applications of algebra in a detailed manner from the exam point of view.
  3. The questions 17 to 32 are fill in the blanks exercises to help you in quick revision of all the concepts discussed in this chapter.
  4. There are true or false questions in the from 33 to 52, you will be required to check if the statements given are correct.
  5. You will learn to express the given statements in the algebraic form in question 53. 
  6. Questions 54 to 100 have a plethora of questions of different types containing questions related to the identification of coefficients, writing algebraic expressions into statements, etc.

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