NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Science Chapter 14 Solutions: Electric Current and Its Effects

NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Science Solutions Chapter 14 are written keeping in mind the viewpoint of helping you build a strong foundation in physics. There are 20 Exemplar problems covering all the concepts in the chapter in a detailed manner. The topics covered in this chapter of NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Science are the symbols of Electronic Components, the heating effect of electric current, and electric fuses. You will also be introduced to the magnetic effect of electric current in this chapter, hence electromagnets and its application in the electric bell.

This chapter is very crucial for you to score good marks in Science because it has a very substantial weightage in your CBSE Science syllabus for your final exam. Therefore, it is important that you obtain in-depth knowledge about the topics before attempting the questions. The NCERT Exemplar problems with solutions for Chapter 14 of Class 7 Science will also guide you in the attempt. The questions are of a diverse kind and cover all the possible types of questions prescribed by the CBSE.

Important Topics covered in NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Science Solutions Chapter 14

Electric current is the term when the charges flow inside an electric conductor. There are various components that make up an electric circuit. These components are represented with the help of various symbols as discussed below.

Symbols of Electronic Components

The symbol of an electric cell is given by two vertical parallel lines, the longer one representing the positive terminal and the shorter and a little thicker line represents the negative terminal of the cell. When we connect a positive terminal of a cell to the negative terminal of the cell, the combination of cells is known as a battery. There are also separate notations for the electric bulb, switch in on and off position, battery and wire.

NOTE: When a switch in a circuit is ‘ON then the switch is known as closed and the circuit is complete and the current can flow in the circuit.

When a switch in a circuit is ‘OFF’, then the switch is in the open position and the circuit remains incomplete and the current cannot flow in the circuit.

Heating Effect of Electric Current

In an electric circuit, if we tie a nichrome wire between two nails and switch on the circuit for a little time, we will find that the wire gets hot as the current passes through it. This heating of the wire due to electric current is known as the heating effect of electric current. The heating effect of wire is used in electric heaters, immersion rods, electric kettles, irons, hairdryers, etc. The amount of heat generated in the conductor through which the electric current passes is dependent on its material, length and thickness.

Magnetic Effect of Electric Current

When an electric current is passed through a coil of wire wound around a nail, it behaves like a magnet. This is known as an electromagnet. The magnetism is gradually lost as soon as the current is switched. An electric bell functions on the principle of electromagnetism.

Exercise Discussion of the NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Science Solutions Chapter 14

  1. Questions from 1 to 5 are multiple-choice questions regarding various components in an electric circuit and magnetic behaviour exhibited by a conductor.
  2. Exercise questions from 6 to 12 are very short answer type questions which have one-word answers such as fill in the blanks, true or false and unscrambling of words.
  3. Question no 13 to 16 are short answer type subjective questions covering the concepts of electromagnets and fuse.
  4. The questions from 17 to 20 are long answer type questions, which include various activity-based questions and circuit diagrams.

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