NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Science Chapter 6 Solutions: Physical and Chemical Changes

NCERT Exemplar Solutions Class 7 Science Chapter 6 – Physical And Chemical Changes will help you observe many changes that occur in your surroundings. For example, your mother might ask you to add sugar in milk. Thus, making a sugar solution is a type of change. Souring of milk is also a change. In this chapter of NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Science, you will study about the types of changes that are physical and chemical.

This chapter has 3 sections of exercise and a total of 22 exemplar problems. The NCERT Exemplar problems and solutions are designed according to the CBSE exam pattern to give you proper knowledge in different ways. Instasolv has an expert team of science teachers who make dedicated efforts to solve all your queries for the NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Science Chapter 6 that might relate to any topic of the chapter.

Important Topics for NCERT Science Exemplar Solutions Class 7 Chapter 6- Physical and Chemical Changes

Physical Changes

To understand the concept of physical change, have a look at the activity below:

Activity: Take a square paper and cut it into four square pieces. Now, cut those already cut pieces again into four square pieces. Now, lay all the pieces on the floor and make the original shape of the paper. Though, you won’t be able to join the pieces into the original paper anymore but is there any change in the property of paper.

In this activity, you noted that the paper changes its size. The properties like size, colour, shape, and state of a substance are known as physical properties. When a substance undergoes a change in its physical properties, this change refers to Physical change. Though, a physical change is reversible.

Chemical Changes

Rusting of Iron is one of the common changes that everyone is familiar with. A change in which one or more new substances are formed refers to as a chemical change. The following listed things might accompany a chemical change:

  • Light, heat or other radiations like UV may be given off or might get absorbed.
  • The sound may get produced
  • Change in smell or the production of the new smell
  • A change of colour might take place
  • Gas might be formed

Rusting of Iron 

Rusting is a type of change that affects iron products and slowly destroys them. The process of rusting can be presented by:

Iron (Fe) + Oxygen (O2) (from the air) + Water (H2O) + Rust ( Iron Oxide Fe2O3)

The presence of water and air is essential for the rusting process. When there is more humidity means more moisture in the atmosphere, the process of rusting speeds up. With the help of NCERT Exemplar problems with solutions of the chapter, you will know how to prevent the process of rusting.

Exercise Discussion of NCERT Science Exemplar Solutions Class 7 Chapter 6

  • CBSE Class 7 NCERT Exemplar Chapter 6 has around 22 exemplar problems with a combination of multiple-choice questions, short-answer questions, and long answer questions. 
  • The first section consists of multiple-choice questions in which you will have to choose the correct option from the question. The questions test your skills if you can identify the type of change, the change involved in a situation like change in colour, etc. 
  • The second section consists of very short answer questions which are a combination of true or false justification of statements, observing the type of change, filling in the blank, etc. this section has a total of 8 questions.
  • The third section consists of long answer questions that check your understanding level on different topics of the chapter such as whether physical changes are reversible or irreversible, how we identify chemical reactions, how copper solution removes rusting of iron. 

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