NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Science Chapter 7 Solutions: Weather, Climate & Adaptation of Animals to Climate

NCERT Science Exemplar Solutions Class 7 Chapter 7 is going to describe to you all about ‘Weather’. Have you heard anybody around you discussing the weather?  Do you know why your mother asks you to carry an umbrella when the sky is cloudy? All the 21 exemplar problems of this chapter of NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Science will help you understand the answers to such questions related to weather.

You must read all the topics given in the NCERT Class 7 Science Chapter 7 like climate, polar regions, tropical rainforests, an adaptation of animals, weather patterns, migration of animals etc. Then only, you will be able to solve the Exemplar problems of the chapter from the NCERT Exemplar book for Class 7 Science. Our expert team has created detailed solutions for all exemplar problems for your knowledge.

Important Topics for NCERT Science Exemplar Solutions Class 7 Chapter 7 Weather, Climate and Adaptation of Animals to Climate


Weather refers to the change in daily conditions of the atmosphere with respect to temperature, humidity, wind speed, etc. The weather report shows a change every 24 hours. Weather is a complex phenomenon that varies over a short period of time. Sometimes, it is sunny while sometimes it is rainy. All the changes that happen in the weather are due to the sun. The sun is a sphere of hot gases having high temperatures. In the chapter, you will study how it affects the weather.


The weather pattern that is recorded over a long period of time, say 25 years refers to the climate of a particular place. If you find the temperature is high in that place then you can call the climate of the place to be hot. In the chapter, you will study the climate in detail.

Climate and Adaptation 

All the animals possess different features that help them in protecting themselves from extreme cold or hot areas. In this chapter, you will learn about the effect of climate and weather on the soil as well as animals.

You will study the conditions of animals in the below-listed areas:

  • The polar regions: The polar regions present an extremely cold climate. All such regions are covered with entire snow and remain almost cold for all the year. For almost around a period of 6 months, the sun does not set at poles while for the other 6 months of time, the sun does not rise. 
  • The Tropical Rainforest: The tropical rainforest has a hot climate because the tropical rainforests lie near the equator. Even in the coldest month, the temperature is generally high at about 15o C. Generally, these forests are found in the Western Ghats and Assam in India, Southeast Asia, Central America, etc. The climatic conditions of this area easily suit a variety of animals.

Some Important Points About the NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Science Chapter 7:

  • The maximum temperature generally stays during the afternoon and the minimum temperature is during the night. 
  • Migration is one of the methods to escape harsh and cold conditions. 
  • Animals are adapted to the conditions in which they are living for a long time. 
  • As the tropical rain forest has hospitable climatic conditions, a huge population of animals and plants is found in this area.

Exercise Discussion of NCERT Exemplar Solutions Class 7 Science Chapter 7

  • This chapter has around 19 questions that are designed to test your learning skills. Section 1 of NCERT Exemplar problems consists of 9 multiple choice questions that cover different topics of the chapter.
  • The second section is of very short answer questions in which you will have to give the answers in one word, explaining or justifying the question. This section consists of a true or false statement, matching the right category, etc. 
  • The third section consists of long answer questions in which you will have to list some climatic conditions and the animals surviving in those conditions.
  • These questions range from basic to advance level. You should attempt each question to check your capability about how much you learned from the chapter.

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