NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Science Chapter 9 Solutions: Soil

NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Science Chapter 9 is going to discuss Soil that is one of the most essential natural resources available on earth. Soil plays the most important role as it supplies water and nutrients to plants. This chapter of NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Science is going to talk about different topics like soil profile, soil type, properties of soil, moisture in the soil, absorption of water by soil, etc. The chapter has around 29 exemplar problems that range from basic to advanced level.

You need to understand the entire chapter properly so as to solve each question given in NCERT Exemplar Chapter 9 Soil. If you find difficulty in solving the exemplar problems our team has provided you with clear answers. This will help you solve your doubts and will give a thorough understanding of the chapter to you.

Topics Covered Under NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Science Chapter 9

Soil is one of the essential things on earth. Soil is essential for Agriculture as it serves us food, clothing, and shelter. This chapter covers different topics which are explained below:

Soil Profile

Under this section, you will study the distinct layers of the soil. The layers are known as horizons. There are four layers in the soil:

  • A-horizon
  • B-horizon
  • C-horizon
  • Bedrock

Soil Types 

Soil is a mixture of humus and rock particles. Different living organisms are a part of soil like bacteria, earthworms, and plant roots. Scientists classified soil on the basis of the proportion of particles of various sizes. 

Loamy is the best topsoil that helps in growing plants. 

Properties of Soil 

Under this section, you will study about different activities that will help in identifying the properties of soil. You will even notice that the absorption of water also varies in different soils. Also, this category will teach you about how to calculate the percolated water in the soil. For the measurement of percolation:

Percolation rate(mL/min)= Amount of water(mL)/ percolation rate(min) 

Moisture and Absorption of Water in Soil

  • Which soil type retains the highest amount of water and which absorbs the lowest amount of water?
  • Methods to allow more water to percolate and how the water can easily reach underground.

Soil and Crops 

The different types of soil are clayey soil, loamy soil, and sandy soil. Rain, water, and other climatic factors affect the soil profile and also play an important role in bringing changes to its structure. 

Soil Erosion

Erosion refers to the removal of land surface by water, ice or wind. To prevent soil erosion, it is essential to not cut trees and to prevent deforestation, so that there can be more green areas.

Important Points To Remember about NCERT Class 7 Science Exemplar Solutions for Chapter 9: Soil

  • Soil is an essential resource for life on earth. 
  • Soil is of three types: Loamy, Clayey and Sandy. 
  • Different soils are used to yield different crops. 
  • Clayey soil helps in making pots, statues, and toys. 
  • When soil holds water in it, it refers to soil moisture. It is essential that soil should have more capacity to hold water for better growth of crops or plants.

Exercise Discussion of NCERT Class 7 Science Solutions Chapter 9: Soil

  • The first section of NCERT Exemplar Class 7 for Science Chapter 9 is of the multiple-choice question in which you need to choose the correct option from the question. The questions check you if you can identify the type of soil, the layer of soil, the components of soil, etc.
  • The second section consists of very short answer questions where you need to arrange soil in the increasing or decreasing pattern of soil, etc. 
  • The third section of exemplar problems has short answer questions in which you need to answer which soil absorbs more water, etc. 
  • The last and most challenging section is long answer questions that cover almost all the topics of the chapter. 
  • The NCERT Exemplar solutions are designed in a manner that they test your skillset with a variety of questions.

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