NCERT Exemplar Class 8 Maths Chapter 11 Solutions: Mensuration

NCERT Exemplar Solutions for Class 8 Maths  Chapter 11 – Mensuration comprises all the basic concepts that have been tackled in this chapter. These solutions will help you in preparing well for your exams. The chapter of NCERT Exemplar Class 8 Maths covers various topics like perimeter, area, important formulas, surface area volume, etc. These solutions will lead you towards getting familiar with the chapter and have a systematic review of all the questions that are included in the exercise.

Chapter 11 – Mensuration contains a total of one hundred and twenty-six questions which are all diverse and informative in nature. All of these questions are based on the key concepts from the chapter. They have been represented through theory explanations, examples, diagrams, etc. The exercise comprises of fill in the blanks, true and false, numerical problems, diagram based questions, etc.

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Important Topics for NCERT Maths Exemplar Solutions Chapter 5 – Understanding Quadrilaterals and Practical Geometry

Area and perimeter 

You would have studied the area and perimeter of various geometric figures in your previous classes. This chapter will begin with a revision of those concepts about the area and the perimeter. In simple words, the space inside the boundaries of a certain geometrical figure is known as its area and the boundary of that figure is known as the perimeter. In this chapter, you will learn the formulas of area and perimeter of different shapes and figures. You will also learn to derive the area and perimeter for irregular figures. 

Area of Trapezium

 A trapezium is a mixture of two triangles and a rectangle. You will learn to use the values of the sides of the trapezium and distribute it in the form of two triangles and one rectangle. Then you will find the area of all these three figures separately and then sum them up for the final value of the area of trapezium.  

Area of Quadrilateral 

Just like the trapezium, the quadrilateral is also a combination of two different triangles. In this chapter, you will learn to distribute the figure in two halves and then calculate their respective area in order to determine the final area of the figure. 

Exercise Discussion of NCERT Maths Exemplar Solutions Class 8 Chapter 11 – Mensuration

  • The chapter begins with multiple-choice questions. These include simple problems that can be solved by direct formula application. There are few theory-based questions in this set and some are even based on diagrams that are drawn alongside the questions. 
  • There is also an exercise which is a mixture of correcting the statement and fill in the blanks. Here you are provided with incomplete statements with a blank, and you are required to complete it with the correct answer in order to make it true. These question statements are very easy to complete and are based on the simple understanding of the chapter. 
  • There is an entire exercise devoted to true and false questions. Here again, you are required to observe the statements and judging them from your basic understanding you need to write whether they are true or false in nature. There are other word problems as well. 
  • These are questions where you are required to perform proper calculations in order to derive answers. These include diagram based questions as well.  Most of these questions present certain values and scenarios based on which you need to formulate equations, apply formulas and get the answers. 

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