NCERT Exemplar Class 8 Maths Chapter 4 Solutions: Linear Equations in One Variable

NCERT Maths Exemplar Solutions for Class 8 Chapter 4 – Linear Equations in One Variable has been exceptionally formulated to inculcate all the major concepts from the chapter. Our team of Subject experts at Instasolv has made sure that all your queries revolving around the chapter of NCERT Exemplar Class 8 Maths are entertained and resolved. The solutions have been organized in a simplified and easy to understand language, in order to reduce confusion and make your learning productive and engaging.

The chapter has a total of one hundred and sixteen questions. It includes exercises like multiple choice questions, graph-based questions, word problems, fills in the blanks, etc. You will come across many theoretical based explanations as well as diagram based examples especially in the case of bar graphs and the pie chart. Topics like frequency of given values, class interval, event, probability of occurrence, the limit of intervals, upper limit, lower limit, etc. have been covered in the chapter.

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Important Topics for NCERT Maths Exemplar Solutions Chapter 4 – Linear Equations in One Variable

Linear Expressions 

In this chapter NCERT Exemplar, you will get to brush your concepts from the previous classes regarding the algebraic equations and their characteristics. You will also come across the fact that the difference between equations and expressions is the equality sign which is missing in case of expression and present in case of an equation. When any of such expressions have more than a single variable and are linear in nature they have their highest power of variables appearing to be 1. Such expressions are referred to as linear expressions. 

For Example – 2x + 1

Transposing of values 

You will come across a new concept of transposing values to either side of the equation in order to simplify it. This means that while solving an equation you can carry the values from the left side to the right side by changing its sign from positive to negative or vice versa.  If the value was multiplying on one side, it will get transferred in the denominator when we transpose it to the other side of the equation. 

Reducing equations 

In this chapter, you will learn to solve equations with values on both the ends. In case of such equations, you are required to reduce them to a certain point after which they can not be solved further. This process is known as reducing equations. One of the kinds of reduction is reducing to their simpler form. Another kind of reduction is a reduction in the linear form. The chapter has numerous examples to demonstrate this process. It is very essential with an exam point of view and can fetch you a lot of marks. 

Exercise Discussions of NCERT Maths Exemplar Solutions Class 7 Chapter 4 – Linear Equations in One Variable

The chapter has a total of one hundred and sixteen questions; they are all different in nature and target your observational, analytical and conceptual skills. 

The first exercise begins with multiple choice questions which are very simple. These questions provide you with a statement or an equation and four choices out of which one will be your answer. They are all based on the explanations and the fundamentals learned from the chapter. 

There are fill in the blanks questions which are again theory-based questions as well as observation-based problems. For instance, there question number 47 which is based on a graph given along the exercise and you are required to analyze it before answering them. 

The chapter also has word problems with different conditions and cases. There is an entire exercise based on true and false questions where you need to study the statements and derive whether they will be true or false. There are numerous graph-based questions in the chapter. Overall these exercises serve the purpose of practising and revising the chapter for brilliant performance in your exams. 

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