NCERT Exemplar Class 8 Maths Chapter 5 Solutions: Understanding Quadrilaterals and Practical Geometry

NCERT Exemplar Solutions for Class 8 Maths Chapter 5 – Understanding Quadrilaterals and Practical Geometry covers all the essential topics that have been dealt with in this chapter NCERT Exemplar Class 8 Maths. These solutions will make sure that you develop a strong command with the concepts introduced in the chapter and get a thorough practice of all the questions included in this chapter. Topics like closed curve, trapezium, parallelograms, diagonals, sides, etc. have been discussed in Chapter 5.

Chapter 5consists of 203 questions in total. This chapter has a wide range of questions that revolve around the basics of the chapter. There are multiple-choice questions, true and false, fill in the blanks, word problems and other diagram based questions in the chapter.

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Important Topics for NCERT Maths Exemplar Solutions Chapter 5 – Understanding Quadrilaterals and Practical Geometry


In this chapter, you will learn about polygons. A polygon is a simple line segment which is a closed curve and is made only out of line segments. The chapter will further introduce you to various types of polygons and there will also be a discussion about the sides, diagonals, and characteristics of each of them. These explanations are provided in a detailed manner along with diagrammatic representation and examples. Parallelograms, rhombus, triangles, octagon, etc. belong to the category of polygons.


The vertices of a polygon that are non – consecutive are joined with the help of a line segment which is termed as a diagonal. The number of diagonals varies according to the number of sides in the given polygon. It is considered as an important characteristic in determining the unique factors of every polygon. These diagonals are also used as an essential factor in numerous formulas and calculations.

Convex Polygons and Concave Polygons 

Convex polygons are the figures that are discussed commonly like a triangle, a rectangle, a rhombus. These basically have a defined term and their sides bulge in the outwards direction. In the case of a concave polygon, their sides bulge towards their interior direction. Concave polygons usually do not have set names however they might appear in questions as the complex figures. In this chapter, you will only deal with convex polygons and their characteristics. The exercises also revolve around the convex polygons like rectangle, triangle, quadrilateral, etc. 

Exercise-Discussions of NCERT Maths Exemplar Solutions Class 8 Chapter 5 – Understanding Quadrilaterals and Practical Geometry

The chapter has a total of two hundred and three exercise questions. All of these questions are diverse in nature and target fundamentals from different sections of the chapter. 

The chapter begins with multiple-choice questions. These questions are basically statements derived from the chapter and along with these statements, there are four options provided as the answer out of which one would be the correct option. You are required to analyze them and mark your choice. 

The chapter also has filled in the blanks questions and true and false questions. These are very simple questions and require just a basic understanding of the chapter. They test your analytical and observational skills along with your command on the concepts. 

The chapter also contains diagram based questions like question number 169, where you are provided with a figure and the exterior angles of the line segments are drawn along the figure. There are five sides to the figure and the value of four sides is given and the third side is marked as “x”. Similarly, there is question number 172, where you are provided with the figure of a parallelogram and you have to find certain angles from it. The chapter also has a few logical and reasoning questions. Overall these questions ensure that you are well versed with the chapter and are prepared to answer all kinds of questions based on it. 

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