NCERT Exemplar Class 8 Science Chapter 2 Solutions: Microorganisms – Friend and Foe

NCERT Exemplar Solutions for Class 8 Science Chapter 2 ‘Microorganisms: Friend and Foe’ have been formulated to make sure that all your needs for successful exam preparations are met. All of these questions in NCERT Class 8 Science Exemplar will help you in developing a strong command of the fundamentals of the chapter. There are 4 exercises and 28 Exemplar problems in this chapter. 

There are various kinds of questions in this chapter including multiple-choice questions, match the column, state true and false and diagram-based questions. The exercises cover topics such as microorganisms, microbes, diseases caused by microbes, viruses, commercial use of microbes, medical use of microbes, etc. The NCERT Exemplar Problems with Solutions for Class 8 Science Chapter 2 ‘Microorganisms: Friend and Foe’ will provide you simplified solutions to all the exemplar exercises of the chapter. 

Our subject matter experts have created these solutions to ensure that you have got no more doubts in the chapter and you can prepare well for your CBSE exams. We check the solutions at multiple times to ensure that you have correct answers. We also keep updating our solutions as per the changes in the NCERT textbooks. 

Important Topics for NCERT Exemplar Science Solutions Chapter 2 – Microorganisms: Friend and Foe


In this chapter, you will learn about the different kinds of microorganisms and their characteristics. Some of these organisms discussed in the chapter are bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and algae. The chapter also deals with virus which is a bit different from the other microorganisms even though it is microscopic.  You will learn about the diseases that are caused by these organisms and the different ways in which they are used by us. 

Medical Use of Microorganisms 

You will learn that the source of antibiotics that you consume in order to prevent disease and strengthen your immunity, are derived from these microorganisms. These medicines are used in order to either the growth of disease-causing microorganisms or to kill them. One of the very common and famous examples of the use of microorganisms in medication is that of penicillin which was discovered by Alexander Fleming in 1929. 

Exercise Discussion of NCERT Science Exemplar Solutions Class 8 Chapter 2 – Microorganisms: Friend and Foe

  • There are 4 exercises and 28 Exemplar problems in this chapter. All the questions help in providing practice and revision. 
  • The chapter begins with multiple-choice questions on topics like viruses, pathogenic microorganisms, and diseases caused by microorganisms. There is one statement question where it is asked which the disease is caused by a protozoan and is spread by an insect. The options include dengue, polio, malaria, and measles. 
  • The chapter also has match-the-following questions where you have to match the names of the scientists with their discoveries. 
  • There are long answer questions included in the chapter as well. One of these questions is diagram based and presents the image of a plant leaf that has patches on it. Then there are different sub-questions based on the image. 
  • These questions require you to observe the image and then write the name of the disease, the causing agent of the disease, the means of spread of the disease and two plant diseases that are caused by microbes.

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