NCERT Exemplar Class 8 Science Chapter 7 Solutions: Conservation of Plants and Animals

NCERT Exemplar Solutions for Class 8 Science Chapter 7 ‘Conservation of Plants and Animals’ are designed to help you prepare for CBSE Class 8 Science exams. In this chapter of NCERT Exemplar Class 8 Science, you will learn about deforestation, its consequences, droughts, desertification, flora and fauna, and some important national parks. 

Chapter 7 ‘Conservation of Plants and Animals’ of NCERT Class 8 Science Exemplar comprise 27 questions. All of these questions are based on the fundamental concepts from the chapter and have been represented efficiently through theory explanations, examples, and diagrams.  By solving the NCERT Exemplar problems of the chapter, you will learn why some animal and plant species are endangered. 

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Important Topics for NCERT Exemplar Science Solutions Chapter 7 – Conservation of Plants and Animals


In this chapter, you will learn about one of the most harmful human activities towards nature – Deforestation. The act of cutting down trees from natural grounds like forests is known as deforestation. This is done to exploit nature in order to attain wood and other resources for commercial purposes. In this chapter, you will learn how deforestation is degrading the natural index and its consequences. You will also learn about the ways to stop deforestation. This is not only necessary to answer your exams but also important as a human being to be aware and take steps to preserve nature. 

Wildlife Sanctuaries

In this chapter, you will also learn about wildlife sanctuaries. These are places that are protected environments to protect and preserve wildlife. Just like forests, wild animals like rhinos and elephants are also exploited to obtain their horn and teeth. This exploitation has lead to the extinction of various species on earth. To ensure that we do not lose our wildlife, governments and other private organizations set up reserves where these animals are provided with their natural environment and are taken care of. In India, there are numerous sanctuaries which protect animals like giraffe, peacock, elephants etc. 

Exercise Discussions of NCERT Science Exemplar Solutions Class 8 Chapter 7 – Conservation of Plants and Animals

  • The first exercise of NCERT Exemplar Class 8 Science Chapter 7 comprises of 11 multiple-choice questions. There are questions based upon the Red Data Book, endangered animal species, wildlife sanctuaries, and desertification. 
  • The second exercise includes 5 very short answer questions which require crisp and to the point answers. The questions in this exercise revolve around biosphere reserves, forest reserves of India, regeneration of forests etc.  
  • The third exercise has a total of 8 short answer questions regarding the importance of wildlife sanctuaries, biodiversity, and conservation of forests. It also has questions where you need to explain why endemic organisms are in the great danger of getting extinct.
  • The last exercise consists of 3 long answer questions. As the name of the exercise suggests, the questions require detailed answers. For example, in question number 25, where you are required to explain if and why deforestation is associated with global warming. The last question of the exercise is also very informative as it asks you to give reasons as to why we need to save paper. 

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