NCERT Exemplar Class 9 Science Chapter 1 Solutions: Matter In Our Surroundings

NCERT Exemplar Class 9 Science Solutions for Chapter 1 will give you all the information about ‘matter’ that exists around you. In this chapter, you will understand why different things have varied shapes and sizes and will learn how matter can be classified into solid, liquid and gas. 

The chapter of NCERT Class 9 Science Exemplar contains 3 exercises with 27 questions that aim at keeping your doubts away. There are multiple-choice questions, short answer questions and long answer questions in the NCERT Exemplar exercises of this chapter. All the questions are designed according to the latest CBSE exam patterns. With the help of these exercises, you will be able to learn topics like the physical nature of matter, particle size, the effect of change of temperature, evaporation, etc. 

You might have issues in finding the correct solutions to the NCERT Exemplar Problems for Class 9 Science Chapter 1. Our professional team of subject matter experts have provided you with stepwise solutions to all the questions mentioned in the chapter. We focus on making the chapter interesting for you so that you can grasp the entire content of the chapter properly. 

Topics Covered in NCERT Exemplar Class 9 Science Solutions Chapter 1: Matter in Our Surroundings

Everybody knows that science is somewhere difficult for students but the Instasolv team aims at making every subject easy for you. The below description helps you to know what is included in the chapter. 


Everything around you in this whole universe is made of some material that is known as matter. The air you breathe, the cloud, the plants, the stars, the food you eat, the animals and even a small water droplet are made of matter. All the things contain the volume, space and even have mass. In the chapter, you will know about the classification of matter and how it plays a role in our daily life. 

Physical Nature of Matter

In this topic, you will study the physical nature of matter like how it is made and what is the size of the particles that make matter. Once you know everything about the matter you will know how the particles are made that make matter. 

Particles of Matter

Under this topic, you will know about

  • Particles have space between them 
  • Particles of matter are continuously moving
  • Particles of matter attract each other

States of Matter

Matter consists of three different states that this chapter is going to tell you about. The three states are solid, liquid, guess. The topic will teach you everything solid-state, liquid state as well as the guessed state. 


Evaporation is a topic that tells you if there is a requirement for heat or change of pressure so that a matter can change its state. You will know the different factors that are responsible for affecting evaporation. 

Exercise Discussion for NCERT Exemplar Class 9 Science Solutions Chapter 1: Matter in Our Surroundings

  • The chapter contains around 5 exercises and an estimate of 25 questions.
  • The first set has a total of 10 questions in which you need to find out the right answer from the given question like why the water cools if kept in an earthen pot, what is the correct sequence of the temperatures according to Kelvin or Celsius scale, etc. 
  • The second set consists of short answer questions that have 12 questions in which you need to either arrange the given matter in the order of increasing intensity or you have to arrange the matter into solid, liquid or guesses. 
  • The third set has 5 long answer questions that ask you to answer how the evaporation produces cooling, how to dry clothes faster, etc. 

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