NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 1 – Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 1 are designed by the experts to give you a platform for easy learning. The first chapter is a comprehensive overview of the concepts of chemistry. The chapter touches upon the importance of chemistry, such as defining how it is helpful in our daily lives illustrated with accurate examples to relate with. NCERT Solutions will help you in consolidating your understanding of the basic concepts effectively.

In chapter 1 of class 11 chemistry NCERT textbook, you’ll study about the atomic mass, molecular mass, differences between them besides other important laws of chemistry to streamline your learning process and make it easier. There are 36 questions in the chapter. Your retention of these fundamentals depends to a large extent on the efforts you put in studying the NCERT Solutions. 

Instasolv has been at the forefront of providing detailed explanations of concepts to students to help them enhance their knowledge. We understand very well the needs and necessities of knowing the basics of Chemistry and laying a strong foundation to learn higher elements in this subject. Our subject matter experts ensure keeping all sorts of explanations simple.

Important Topics for NCERT Solutions for Chapter 1- Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry

The Chapter of NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Chemistry familiarizes you with the topics like molecular weight of compounds, molecular formulae, mass percent and concentration among other things. Related problems are also solved to make you catch the concepts easily. This chapter is divided into 10 sections which are as follows:  

  • Importance of Chemistry
  • Nature of Matter
  • Properties of Matter and their Measurement
  • Uncertainty in Measurement
  • Laws of Chemical Combinations
  • Dalton’s Atomic Theory
  • Atomic and Molecular Masses
  • Mole Concept and Molar Masses
  • Percentage Composition
  • Stoichiometry and Stoichiometric Calculations

After explaining the importance of Chemistry in the first section, the chapter throws light on the nature and composition of Matter. The properties and the methods to measure these properties of matter form the Subject matter of Section 3. You are familiarized with the International System of Units as also with the differences and similarities between mass and weight. 

A peep into the scientific notations and the uncertainties in measurement will give you a clear understanding of the basic concepts of Chemistry. Subsequent sections deal in the five basic laws of chemical combination that govern the chemical combinations of elements, which are:

  1. Law of Conservation of Mass
  2. Law of Definite Proportions
  3. Law of Multiple Proportions
  4. Lussac’s Law of Gaseous Volumes
  5. Avogadro’s Law

The Dalton’s Atomic Theory that enunciates all matter is composed of atoms, indivisible and destructible building blocks, is another theorem covered in the next section. 

You are also taught in detail about the atomic and molecular masses, Mole concept and Molar Masses. Further, you learn about the empirical formula, Molecular formula and the reactions in solutions. The relationship between the reactants and/or the products and the method to measure them are covered in the section dealing with Stoichiometry. 

Exercise Discussion for NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Chapter 1

  • Questions 1 to 5 of the exercise are dedicated to finding the molar mass. 
  • Similarly, there are many questions in the exercise-related to calculation of moles and molar mass. 
  • In some questions, you need to write the scientific notations. Some questions are related to the conversion of units. 
  • Some questions in the exercise are very-short answer type questions which include filling in the blanks questions, picking the correct answer questions and matching the correct answers. 
  • Questions 34, 35 and 36 are very important from the exam point of view. They include topics like empirical formula, molar mass and molecular formula. 

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