NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 3 – Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 3 is crucial for your exam preparation. This chapter of NCERT Solutions is deemed one of the most important topics for both Class 11 and 12 as well as for various competitive exams after Class 12. Many prominent concepts have been explained in this chapter to make you future-ready in your studies. Chapter 3 deals with the grouping of the periodic elements with reference to their properties. 

There are 40 exercise questions in this chapter. You can rely on NCERT Solutions for Chapter 3- Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties devised by experts at Instasolv.  Chapter 3 will help you have insights into the modern Periodic Law and the current form of Periodic Table. Starting with the necessity of classifying periodic elements the chapter throws light on the emerging trends and the usage of the periodic elements.

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Important topics covered in the NCERT Solutions for Chapter – Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties

As you are aware, NCERT has recommended 14 chapters for study in Chemistry for Class 11. The topics in Chapter 3 are divided into 7 sections which are as follows: 

  • Why Do We Need to Classify Elements?
  • Genesis of Periodic Classification
  • Modern Periodic Law and the Present form of Periodic Table
  • Nomenclature of Elements with Atomic Numbers>100
  • Electronic Configuration of the Elements and the Periodic Table
  • Electronic Configurations and Types of Elements s-, p-, d-,f- Blocks
  • Periodic Trends in the Properties of Elements

The first section of the NCERT class 11 chemistry chapter 3 explains the need and necessity of classifying the Elements. It throws light on the causes that led to recognizing the need for it. Subsequently, in the next section, you are made aware of the birth of the Periodic Classification concept in detail. 

Section 3 introduces you to the Modern Periodic Law and discusses the form and nature of the Present Periodic Table. The various differences between the erstwhile Mendeleev’s Periodic Table and the Present Periodic Table are brought out in clear.  It proceeds to teach you about the method of deciphering the Periodic Table, what to find in it and where to find the various elements depending on their nomenclature.

You also get to know about the electronic configuration of elements and the periodic table and a detailed explanation of the types of elements-5-, s-,p-, d-,f- Blocks. The last section traces the evolution of the trends in the properties of elements 

Exercise Discussion for CBSE NCERT Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 3

  • All the 40 questions of the chapter are very interesting. Most of the questions are numerical-based. 
  • The first few questions of the chapter are theoretical. You need to write about Mendeleev’s Periodic Law and the Modern Periodic Law, basic theme of organisation of periodic table. 
  • Some important topics discussed in the exercise of the chapter include ionization energy calculations, the arrangement of elements based on their metallic properties, non-metallic properties and chemical reactivity. 
  • You are also required to depict the formulas of various elements in the periodic table. 

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