NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Biology Chapter 4 – Reproductive Health

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Biology Chapter 4 – Reproductive Health facilitate CBSE Board exam preparation and doubt clearance. Our NCERT Solutions cover many aspects of reproductive health, such as the introduction to reproductive health, population stabilization, birth control, medical termination of pregnancy, infertility, and the importance of reproductive health. 

NCERT Class 12 Biology Chapter 4 solutions answer all the 12 questions of the exercise in an exhaustive yet to the point manner. They cover all important topics of the chapter and all important question types. They help you master the topics of the chapter quickly and efficiently. Our NCERT Solutions are easy to understand and fully accurate. They have been diligently prepared on the basis of CBSE Class 12 Biology Syllabus. They make the learning process fast, efficient, and fun at the same time. They come in very handy during exam preparations.

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Introduction to NCERT Class 12 Biology Chapter 4

Instasolv’s comprehensive NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Biology Chapter 4 – Reproductive Health covers all concepts of this chapter in detail. It elaborates explicitly about the meaning, importance and various aspects related to reproductive health. Some of the topics covered in this chapter have been given below.

  • Meaning of reproductive health

Under this section of NCERT CBSE Class 12 Biology Chapter 4, you will study the generalized definition of reproductive health and the functioning of different reproductive organs in the human body. You will also come across the different methods and strategies that people adopt over the years for promoting family planning, sex education in schools, and the implementation of various modes of advertising for creating awareness. In this chapter, you will learn about safe sex practices, sexually transmitted diseases, methods of birth control, care of mother and newborn child, etc.

  • Population stabilization and birth control

In CBSE NCERT Class 12 Biology Chapter 4, you will learn about how an exponential rise occurs in the population. You will also read about infant mortality rate, maternal mortality rate, and decline in death rate and a sharp rise in the reproducible age, government measures to check population growth that is leading to scarcity of necessities. Here you will also learn about different natural and traditional contraceptive methods, IUDs, condoms, cervical caps, implant, injectables, surgical methods, and much more.

  • Medical termination of pregnancy

This topic of NCERT Solutions for Chapter 4- Reproductive Health includes a detailed discussion on the methods used for medical termination of pregnancy. In this chapter, you will learn about important factors to consider before an induced abortion. 

  • Infertility

Under this section of Class 12, Biology Chapter 4 you will study the factors and causes of infertility in human beings. You will also learn about the different specialized techniques like assisted reproductive Technology, in vitro fertilization, and embryo transfer that will be helpful for infertile couples to conceive. 

  • Importance of reproductive health

Here you will learn about the importance of having an awareness of different sexually transmitted diseases, proper knowledge about sexual life, contraception methods, practices to maintain safe reproductive and sexual health. This topic includes how an individual should be aware of sexually transmitted infections and diseases. It also includes the importance of educating pregnant mothers about the significance of good maternal health to have a safe delivery and a healthy child. 

NCERT CBSE Class 12 Biology Chapter 4 Exercise

In the exercise of CBSE NCERT Class 12 Biology Chapter 4, there are a total of 12 questions that covers various topics from the chapter such as different birth control measures, safe sex practices, awareness, and sexually transmitted diseases. The exercise of this chapter has been discussed below. 

  • Question 1 and 2 are direct questions regarding reproductive health.
  • Question 3 is asking you whether sex education is needed in schools.
  • Question 4 asks your opinion about whether reproductive health in the nation has improved in the recent past.
  • Question 5 asks you to suggest reasons to support population explosion
  • Question 6 asks you to give reasons to support the usage of contraceptive and needs you to cite whether it is justified or not.
  • Question 7 is a direct question about removal gonads 
  • Question 8 is about whether sex determination is banned in the nation
  • Question 9 and 10 is a direct question from infertility and prevention of STDs section of the chapter
  • Question 11 and question 12 are true and false questions covering all topics of the chapter.

Benefits of NCERT CBSE Class 12 Biology Chapter 4  Solutions

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