NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Flamingo Chapter 3 – Deep Water

NCERT Class 12 English Flamingo Solutions Chapter 3 ‘Deep Water’ will help you find the right answers to NCERT exercise questions of this chapter. Deep Waters is a story by William Douglas about how a boy conquers his fears. This story is taken from ‘Of Men and Mountains’ by William O. Douglas. 

In NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Flamingo Chapter 3, there are 7 exercises and 15 questions. Some of the questions are direct while others require a deep understanding of the chapter. Our subject matter experts have provided answers for all these fifteen questions and have tried to give you a basic idea of how you can write answers related to this chapter in CBSE exams. These NCERT solutions and summary will also be helpful in revising the chapter. 

We have also provided a summary of ‘Deep Water’ below along with some study tips so that you do not miss the highlights of the chapter. Many of your NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Flamingo Chapter 3 can be found from these two sections given below. 

Deep Water Summary: Class 12 English Flamingo

‘Deep Water’ is a story about a boy Douglas and how he once had a really bad incident in his life that terrorized him and stopped him from achieving what he wanted. It also depicts how he overcame his fear of practice and perseverance. 

When Douglas was 11 years old, he started learning swimming in the YMCA pool. The pool had two ends – the deep end was 9 feet deep while the other end was not that shallow. 

Douglas was very excited about swimming so, in his early days of learning, he reached the pool a little earlier than others. He was just sitting beside the deep end of the pool when an elderly boy pushed him into the pool. There was no one around the pool at that time.

The incident was terrorizing as he explained how he felt when he was inside the water. He felt paralyzed and horrified because he thought that he might die. Somehow, he was rescued. But, after this incident, he was never able to swim or even stay around any water bodies. The fear of drowning used to catch hold of him. 

One day Douglas got tired of being so fearful all the time and he really wanted to learn swimming. So, he first hired a swimming instructor who was actually very patient with him. It took him 6 months, but step-by-step Douglas learned how to swim. When the instructor was fully convinced that Douglas could swim, he wanted to test himself whether his fear was really gone or not. 

So he swam in the lake of Wentworth in New Hampshire. He furiously faced-off his fear of drowning and went swimming in the lake for a couple of days until he was fully convinced. Finally, Douglas conquered his feat. Conquering his fear was very meaningful to Douglas. He realized that is just the fear of death that terrifies us. Death itself is a peaceful experience. With determination and practice, we can overcome this fear of death. 

Moral of NCERT Class 12 English Flamingo Chapter 3: Deep Water

The story is an inspiration to all those who have certain fears in their life. It motivates us to work hard and beat the fear. The story teaches us to fight against all the odds to achieve what we desire, just like Douglas. 

Exercise Discussion for NCERT Class 12 English Flamingo Solutions Chapter 3: Deep Water

  • There are 6 questions of ‘think as you read’ in the chapter that is directly based on Deep Water summary. 
  • Then, there are 3 questions on ‘understanding the text’ where you need to explain how Douglas felt when he was drowning, how he overcame his fear, and what was the purpose of Douglas when he remembered this childhood story of overcoming fear. 
  • Then, in ‘talking about the text’, you have to share your experience with fear and how you overcame that fear. You also need to recall other stories that are based on this similar theme. 
  • In ‘thinking about the language’ you have to explain Douglas’ story from a third-person’s perspective. 
  • In the ‘writing’ section, you have to write an essay on your experience when you learned something for the first time. In the next question, you have to explain that in the form of a letter. Then, you are given a task to find out about water sports in India. 

Study Tips for NCERT Class 12 English Flamingo Solutions Chapter 3: Deep Water

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Flamingo Chapter 3 ‘Deep Water’ is an inspiring story that gives you the motivation to take the first step and conquer your fears. In the textbook, many questions are given where you have to specify your own perspectives. You must read the summary of ‘Deep Water’ for complete details of the chapter. 

There are different phases of Douglas’ life given in the story – the phase when the incident happened, the phase when he wanted to overcome the fear and at last, when he was narrating his story. You must remember the details of each phase. 

You must understand that we can overcome anything in life once we decide to face our fears. If we will surrender ourselves to the fear, it will grow and hence will stay with us. But, if we face it, it will fade away. This can happen to anybody, at any age. Children and adults both have their own fears and both of them need the inspiration to outgrow their fears. 

The role of the instructor is Douglas’s life was also significant. His patience helped Douglas learn and overcome fear gradually. Maybe without the instructor, Douglas would never be able to face his fear. This reflects how important it is for us to have a mentor who can teach us the right way to achieve something. 

The story also reflects the importance of determination and perseverance. One cannot achieve a dream otherwise. One must continue taking steps in the direction of their goals then only they will be able to achieve something. 

These points will help you in answering the NCERT questions related to Summary of Flamingo Chapter 3. Besides them, refer to the NCERT solutions created by our experts and get full details of the chapter.