NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English A pact with the Sun Chapter 10 – A Strange Wrestling March Summary

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English A Pact with the Sun Chapter 10 ‘A Strange Wrestling Match’ is prepared by the experienced English subject matter experts. It is as long as Chapter 9 but a bit simpler. Instasolve provides the best and most reliable study material such as chapter-summary, study tips and NCERT Solutions based on the latest CBSE approved curriculum.  

Chapter 10 A Strange Wrestling Match is an abridged Rajasthani folktale authored by Indira David. This story teaches us not to be boastful and arrogant, however fortunate we may be.  

Chapter 10 has two parts with each having questions at the end. There are five questions at the end of part I and six questions at the end of Part II. Please refer to the summary of A Strange Wrestling Match, before you jump into the NCERT Solutions.

A Strange Wrestling Match Summary: Class 6 English A Pact with the Sun

Part I of Chapter 10 

Vijay Singh, a tall muscular man, was a wrestler who was fond of boasting. One day, in the marketplace, he boasted that he was not afraid of ghosts and if he met one he would teach the ghost a lesson. One of them told him that he should walk alone through the Haunted Desert at night and he would find a ghost easily. 

Vijay Singh realized that his boasting had put him in trouble. He tried to shrug off the story of the Haunted Desert saying it was a fairytale. When one of his admirers gave him the directions of the forest he could not find a way out of the situation.

Travellers had been looted and killed in the haunted desert. Understanding that this may be the last time they see Vijay Singh, the whole village came that evening to bid farewell to him. An old woman, known for eccentricities, had thrust a packet into the hands of Vijay Singh before he left. The packet had a lump of salt and an egg. 

As Vijay Singh entered the Haunted Desert, a voice called out his name. The vice identified itself as Natwar and said he was Vijay Singh’s friend who would show him the path in the desert. Vijay Singh bravely called back and told Natwar to come forward and show himself as it was very dark. 

Like all good wrestlers, Vijay Singh wanted to assess his enemy. As Natwar appeared by his side, Vijay Singh looked straight into his face and told him he was a plain lying ghost. He said he had come to see a ghost and now that he had seen one, he could return home. 

The ghost was used to humans being scared when they saw him. He was surprised and also confused why Vijay Singh was so calm. When Natwar asked Vijay Singh why he wanted to meet a ghost, Vijay Singh casually replied that Natwar was stupid and worthless as he could not even read the mind of a human. Vijay told Natwar he was tired of wrestling with men and wanted to fight a ghost. 

Natwar was speechless but he tried to engage with Vijay telling him that he did not appear strong. Vijay told Natwar that appearances could be deceptive and gave an example of the ghost itself. He said as the ghost doubted his strength, he also doubted whether the ghost was Natwar. Vijay showed his willingness to demonstrate his strength to the ghost. 

Part II of Chapter 10 

Vijay Singh handed the ghost rock and told him it was filled with liquid. He told him to squeeze it hard. The ghost tried hard with both hands and his attention got diverted from Vijay. Vijay took the egg from his pocket into his hands. He then snatched the rock from the ghost, placed it between his hands and squeezed. The yellow yolk came out and the cracking of the eggshells gave a feeling that the stone was being crushed. 

Vijay Singh now gave the ghost another stone and said he should crumble it and see that it contains salt. The ghost again tried. Meanwhile, Vijay had taken the lump of salt into his hand. When the ghost handed the stone to Vijay, he showed that he was casually crumbling it. 

Actually, Vijay let the stone drop into the sand and crumbled the lump of salt. He now asked the ghost to taste it. Vijay Singh said the ghost was not a worthy opponent and a weakling. Impressed by Vijay Singh’s demonstration of strength, the ghost also felt he should not fight with Vijay. 

The ghost now decided to trick Vijay Singh. He accepted defeat. He told Vijay Singh to rest in his house for the night and leave the next morning. Vijay Singh agreed on the condition that the ghost would go with him as a prisoner so he could display him as a trophy to the villagers. While the ghost led Vijay Singh to his house, he was silently plotting to kill him. 

The ghost fed Vijay dry fruits and a lot of milk. He then led him to a luxurious bed to sleep on. Vijay was cautious and knew the ghost was doing his best to put Vijay to sleep. Vijay stayed awake until he heard the snoring of the ghost. Then he arranged the bolster on the centre of the bed and covered it to look like a sleeping man. Vijay himself crouched into a dark corner and waited watchfully.  

Just before dawn, the ghost came with a stout club and hit what he thought was Vijay Singh’s head. Not hearing even a groan he thought he had killed Vijay Singh instantly. To be sure, he hit with his club six more times and went back to his couch to sleep. Vijay now quietly went back into bed. 

He groaned and sat up in disgust. He complained to the ghost that there were insects in the cave. He told the ghost he was sleeping soundly when seven flappings of the wings of an insect disturbed him. The ghost panicked and fled leaving behind his ill-gotten wealth. Vijay Singh returned much of the wealth to the rightful owners. He thanked the old woman and married her granddaughter. No traveller was troubled in the Haunted Desert again. 

Moral of the NCERT Class 6 English Chapter 10 A Strange Wrestling Match

Being boastful and arrogant can land one in trouble. The story depicts Vijay Singh as a physically strong man. He needed intelligence and not physical strength to outwit the ghost. 

Discussion of the Exercises of NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Chapter 10 ‘A Strange Wrestling Match’

  • All answers to questions in the exercises of Part I and Part II are covered in the A Strange Wrestling Match summary. This is a long chapter but fairly simple to answer. Instasolv suggests that you write NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Chapter 10 A Strange Wrestling Match Summary in your own words so that you remember it better.

To help you answer question 2 of Part I and question 6 of Part II of Chapter 10 ‘A Strange Wrestling Match’, go through the discussion provided by Instasolv below:

  • The gift of the old woman was eccentric because it could be used based on the intellect of the person
    • If Vijay Singh only went by his physical strength, he could simply use the egg as food and salt to add taste. 
    • Vijay Singh exhibited in the story, how he used the two items wisely to outwit the ghost. 
  • The ghost was a dacoit who used to loot and kill travellers in the garb of a ghost.
    • When Vijay Singh was confronted by this person as he entered the Haunted Desert he played along with the story of the ghost.
    • A ghost would not have any need for wealth. 

Study Tips for NCERT Class 6 English  Chapter 10: A Strange Wrestling Match

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