NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English A pact with the Sun Chapter 2 – The Friendly Mongoose Summary

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English A Pact with the Sun Chapter 2 The Friendly Mongoose will help you in learning this Chapter thoroughly. NCERT has picked this Chapter from the Panchatantra. There are five questions at the end of the Chapter. The answers to all of them require summary from the Chapter coupled with the conceptual understanding of the story.

The Chapter of NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English has a slightly higher difficulty level compared to the previous Chapter. Hence, our subject matter experts have provided a quick yet precise summary of the Chapter for you along with its Solutions. The Friendly Mongoose summary given below will set the correct foundation for understanding the Chapter. Building on this foundation, we have discussed the finer details of the Chapter. 

You can refer to our NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English A Pact with the Sun Chapter 2 and solve all your doubts regarding the Chapter. All these solutions are written by the subject matter experts who are well-versed with the CBSE Class 6 syllabus and marking scheme. This will help you in answering all kinds of questions asked in CBSE exams such as very short, brief or long answer type questions.

The Friendly Mongoose Summary: Class 6 English A Pact with the Sun

Chapter 2 of CBSE NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Book A Pact with the Sun is the story of an unusual pet, a Mongoose. The story begins with a farmer suggesting to his wife that they should get a pet as a companion for their small son. The farmer’s wife likes the idea and the farmer brings home a baby Mongoose as a pet. In five to six months the Mongoose grows to its full size while the farmer’s son is still a baby in the cradle who mostly either cries or sleeps. 

One day the farmer’s wife goes to the market. She tells the farmer that the baby is sleeping and he should keep an eye on him. She also expresses her discomfort of leaving the child with the fully grown Mongoose. But, the farmer takes this lightly. He tells his wife that the Mongoose is very friendly and she should not be afraid. Once the wife leaves for the market the farmer also goes to his fields. 

When the farmer’s wife returns from the market with a bagful of groceries the Mongoose greets her as always. But, she notices blood on the face and paws of the Mongoose and assuming that the Mongoose has killed her son, she hits the Mongoose hard with her heavy grocery bag. She then runs inside the house to check on her son who, she finds, is sleeping calmly. On the floor, though, is a black snake all torn up and bleeding. 

Realizing that the Mongoose had actually saved the life of her son, she runs out again to check on the Mongoose. She touches the Mongoose and realizes that the Mongoose is dead. She cries and feels repentant for hastily coming to a conclusion and killing the mongoose. 

Moral of the NCERT Class 6 English Chapter 2 The Friendly Mongoose

One should not be judgemental and come to hasty conclusions. Before making a decision the whole situation should be understood with a calm mind. Actions taken in anger have a higher chance of going wrong. 

There are two important things to note here which became the reason for the discomfort of the farmer’s wife. First, the Mongoose was not a normal pet that people generally keep in their house. Secondly, the Mongoose grew to its full size in a few months while the child was still in the cradle. This created a disparity between the child and the pet. The pet grew much stronger than the child and could harm the child easily. 

Discussion of the Exercises of NCERT Class 6 English Chapter 2 The Friendly Mongoose 

  • There are five questions at the end of the Chapter. If you recollect the summary of The Friendly Mongoose, all the answers can be written easily.
  • As an exercise, at Instasolv we recommend that you practice writing The Friendly Mongoose Summary in your own words.  
  • You must make sure that your Solutions have a good structure so that your teacher can understand your opinions. Our NCERT Solutions will provide you a complete understanding of this.  

Besides just giving the information from the NCERT Chapter, let us see how you can improve your answers. Here are a few important points from the Chapter which will help you provide appropriate explanations in your answers. 

  • Elaborate the reason to bring the Mongoose into the house. The farmer’s primary purpose of getting the baby Mongoose was to give their son a companion as he was their only child whom they loved very much. 
  • The Mongoose grew from small baby size to full-grown size in just a few months. The child, on the other hand, grew slowly and was still in the cradle. That is the difference between a human and a mongoose. This difference made the farmer’s wife uncomfortable. The mongoose, even in his playfulness now had the strength and size to harm the child.
  • If the farmer had paid more attention to his wife’s fears, he would have stayed home and kept an eye on the child. It was only on rare occasions that the farmer’s wife left their son alone. This incident could then have been avoided.
  • The farmer’s wife was already fearful about leaving the Mongoose with her child alone. Her mind was not calm. The sight of blood on the Mongoose triggered her fear and in a fit of rage, she hit the Mongoose hard. 
  • When the wife realized her mistake, she went to check on the Mongoose immediately. She lamented her hasty action. It was her fear of the Mongoose which she had not put to rest that was the reason for her action. It was too late though.  

Study Tips for CBSE NCERT Class 6 English Chapter 2 The Friendly Mongoose

At Instasolv, we understand that each student wants to score high in their CBSE English exams. Hence, we have customized the Solutions to this CBSE NCERT Chapter. 

In NCERT Chapter 2, The Friendly Mongoose, questions are likely to be more subjective and conceptual. Understanding the story and what it is trying to teach is important as all Panchatantra stories carry a message. 

At Instasolv, the subject experts strongly recommend that you go through Chapter first, then summarize the same in your own words and then read  NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English A Pact with the Sun Chapter 2. We have not only discussed the NCERT exercises but also how each answer can be written better to score high marks in the CBSE Class 6 English exam.