NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English A pact with the Sun Chapter 8 – A Pact with the Sun Summary

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English A Pact with the Sun Chapter 8 is one of the most recommended sources of exam preparation. Chapter 8 is a slightly modified story authored by Zakir Hussain. The modification is because of the translation from the original Urdu version to the English version. Below you will find the detailed summary of A Pact with the Sun. 

Chapter 8 of NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English A Pact with the Sun, revolves around a small girl Saeeda and her sick mother. It is about the benefits of fresh air and sunshine for good health. The previous chapter was about the benefits of sleep and this chapter continues with that concept. Instasolv provides the most reliable study material that is based on the latest CBSE approved curriculum. 

Chapter 8 has only four questions that are fairly simple to answer. There are three questions after this which are for self-practice. The solutions should be prepared well in order to score better in the CBSE exam. Most importantly, the answers should reflect your understanding of chapter 8. We have also discussed the complete summary of the Chapter- A Pact with the Sun that will help you score better marks in the exams. 

A Pact with the Sun Summary: Class 6 English A Pact with the Sun

Saeeda’s mother seemed to be perpetually ill. She had been treated by several physicians. She showed signs of improvement from time to time but only temporarily. She had become weak and colourless. She was not allowed to eat normal food and was confined to her small dingy room. The doors and windows of her room were kept shut, depriving her of fresh air and sunshine. 

Saeeda’s mother could not afford a costly specialist and medicines but when her condition became worse, she sold some trinkets and decided to consult a specialist doctor. The doctor examined her and prescribed some medicines. He told her she could eat whatever she liked. He also told her to change her room to a bigger one where the doors and windows could be kept open. 

As part of the prescription, the doctor also told Saeeda’s mother to sit in the sun every morning from eight to nine. He concluded saying sunshine and fresh air were more important than medicines. 

People around discussed her prescription and took sides. The older ones continued favoring old beliefs and practices and were against the prescription. The younger ones favoured modern science. Saeeda’s mother decided to follow the prescription in totality. 

The next two days were overcast and there was hardly any sun. Saeeda heard her mother lament that she could not follow her prescription. The innocent Saeeda was concerned about her mother and even ran to her when just a hint of sun was there late in the afternoon. Realizing this was not enough for her mother she requested the last departing rays of the sun to come back the next day much warmer and brighter. The sun rays promised her that they would be back. 

Children, in their innocence, seem to be able to communicate directly with anything be it trees, animals, flowers, sun, moon or even God. 

The next day, the Sun told the rays they would take the day off again as it was very cloudy. The little ray who had promised Saeeda to come told the Sun that Saeeda’s mother was ill and needed their help. She said she would pierce the clouds. 

All the other rays joined her and revolted against their father, the Sun. They focused their heat on the clouds stopping them from reaching Saeeda’s courtyard. The clouds moved away and the rays went through. 

Saeeda saw the rays coming and joyfully called her mother. Saeeda’s mother felt better on the very first day when she breathed the fresh air and felt the warmth of her sun on her hands and face. Even when she recovered fully, she always sat for an hour in the sunlight every day and breathed fresh air. 

Moral of the NCERT Class 6 English Chapter 8 A Pact with the Sun

Sunshine and Fresh Air are essential for living a healthy life. In the previous chapter, we studied that sleep was essential for life. The story also guides us to follow logical scientific principles and not to base our actions on old outdated superstitions and practices. 

Discussion of the Exercises of NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Chapter 8 A Pact with the Sun

  • All answers to the four questions in the exercises are covered in the A Pact with the Sun summary. 
  • This story has a similar learning to that in Chapter 7 of NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English. In chapter 7 the explanation was direct while in chapter 8 the explanation is through a story. 
  • Instasolv recommends that you write the summary in your own words which will help you remember it more easily.

Instasolv also recommends that you prepare the three questions given as self-practice exercise. To help you further, important aspects of this Chapter of NCERT Solutions are discussed below

  • The explanation of the benefits of fresh air and sunlight using a story is the highlight of this Chapter. This also makes it important enough to hold the title of the book. 
  • If you had to jot down the things you did to maintain good health, you should have sound sleep, fresh air and sunlight. Other things you could add are healthy food with plenty of fruits and green vegetables, physical exercise. 
  • Some quacks and physicians prescribe medicines based on ancient medical practices and household remedies. They are not certified from anywhere and hold no formal qualifications. 

As such, their medicines are more of a trial. One should go to doctors who have formal education based on modern science. If you had to recommend, then these are the doctors who should be recommended. 

  • The Sun is a rich source of Vitamin D which is vital for the bones and maintaining good health. When you play outside to try and do so when the sun is out. A picnic in the daytime is also a way of enjoying the sun.

    A stroll in the park or shopping at roadside shops can be other examples when you could enjoy the sunlight. You can think of more ways and prepare these examples for writing better answers and scoring high marks.

Study Tips for NCERT Class 6 English  Chapter 8: A Pact with the Sun

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Chapter 8 A Pact with the Sun holds special importance as it is also the title of the book.  Instasolv has provided the A Pact with the Sun summary as well as discussed the self-practice questions. We suggest that you prepare these answers well before the CBSE exams and score high marks.