NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English A pact with the Sun Chapter 9 – What Happened to the Reptiles Summary

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English A Pact with the Sun Chapter 9 ‘What Happened to the Reptiles’ is prepared by the experienced subject matter experts. We will study the last part of the book which has two long and more difficult chapters 9 and 10. We have provided below the complete summary of What Happened to the Reptiles.

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Chapter 9 ‘What Happened to the Reptiles’ is a story authored by Zai Whitaker. Through this story, the importance of every species to maintain the balance of the ecosystem is explained. Chapter 9 has 7 questions. Questions 5, 6 and 7 have to be answered with a conceptual understanding of the chapter. At Instasolv, we recommend that you study Chapter-wise solutions to each question which are provided below. We also recommend that you pay attention to the summary and study tips for each Chapter. These will help you score higher marks than others in the CBSE exams.  

What Happened to the Reptiles Summary: Class 6 English A Pact with the Sun

Pambu Patti is a peaceful village on a cliff on the edge of the jungle. All kinds of people live together harmoniously in this village and follow their own beliefs and practices without fear or restriction. Prem had heard of Pambupatti. His village was hundreds of miles away from Pambupatti. The author has written the story as though it was narrated by Prem.  

A year back, people in Prem’s village started fighting. It was a riot with violence, killing and burning down houses. The reason was that some temple, or mosque, had been burnt down somewhere far away, where no one had ever been. Prem felt the people had gone mad because they were fighting on something they did not even know any fact about. People of different religions were just fighting each other. 

Prem’s house was also burned down. He grabbed some clothes, coins, and his small Ganesh statue and ran from his village. He travelled ticketless on a train and then a bus and somehow reached Pambu Patti where he fainted. 

When Prem awoke, he was with an old man who cared for him. Prem expressed his surprise to the old man that the people in this village were all living in harmony even though they were worshipping different Gods. That is when the old man told Prem the story of Pambupatti.

Very long ago there were no schools and teachers, and children lived in caves with their parents eating fruit and berries from the forest. At that time, the Pambupatti forest did not have tigers, panthers or elephants but only reptiles. Reptiles lay eggs and have scales on their body. They had a big meeting every month presided over by Makara. Makara was the biggest crocodile in the forest. He was strong and powerful and because of that everyone followed what he said. 

A week before one of the meetings, Makara sent a letter to the tortoises asking them not to come to the meeting. In the meeting, he imposed his opinion on all the others that they did not like the tortoises. He said they were slow and so stupid that they carried everything on their back, even their houses. 

He told the others that they would have more food, water, and space as he had given one week for the tortoises to leave the jungle. First, the other reptiles were sad, then they started enjoying what Makara had told them of more food, water, and space. But soon the smell of rot was everywhere as the tortoises used to eat the rotting fruit and animals. 

The following month, Makara did the same thing with the snake saying they were slimy, weird creatures who made funny noises. At first, the other reptiles were happier as they had always been a little afraid of the snakes. But with no snakes to eat them, within a few weeks the rats had taken over the forest. They chewed the eggs of the reptiles including those of Makara and there were no babies of the reptiles that year. 

Makara then decided to get rid of the lizards. He told the crocodiles that they would have the whole forest to themselves. He told them that the lizards could not be trusted as they had strange habits and some even changed their colour. Now the rats were getting bolder and with the lizards gone there were too many frogs growing bigger and nastier. Instead of being wonderful, the times had become terrible for the crocodiles. 

In one of the meetings, a small crocodile with a squeaky was said that they all knew what was wrong. He said it all started with the tortoises. Before he could complete his sentence Makara quietened him because he did not want to admit he was wrong. By now all the crocodiles knew that Makara was not that strong or powerful and neither was he always right. They sent out urgent messages to the tortoises, snakes, and lizards to return to the forest. Within two months, the forest became normal again.

Prem had so far maintained that he would never go back to his village because of the extreme violence he had witnessed. He realized the old man, through the story, had advised him to go back to his village and tell this story to the others. Prem had doubts that the villagers may not listen to him. The old man’s final advice was Prem he should just tell the story again and again to as many people and not worry even if people laugh at him. Someday if I remember the story and its true meaning, sense would prevail and there would be peace. 

Moral of the NCERT Class 6 English Chapter 9 What happened to the reptiles:

Every species on Earth is important for maintaining balance in the ecosystem. When there is balance everything is in harmony. The story shows how humans can also live in peace and harmony if they are tolerant and allow everyone to follow their beliefs and practices without fear or restrictions. 

Discussion of the Exercises of NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Chapter 9  ‘What Happened to the Reptiles’

  • All answers to the first four questions in the exercises are covered in the summary of NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English A Pact with the Sun Chapter 9 What Happened to the Reptiles. This is a long chapter with a higher difficulty level. 
  • Instasolv strongly recommends that you write the What Happened to the Reptiles summary in your own words. 

To help you answer question 5, 6 and 7 of Chapter 9 What Happened to the Reptiles, go through the discussion provided by Instasolv below:

  • Prem was very frightened of the experience of violent riots in his village. His house had been burned down and he had fled the village, vowing never to return. At Pambupatti he had now witnessed people worshipping different Gods living in harmony. The old man, through the story of What Happened to the Reptiles, had explained to him how every species with all their uniqueness and habits were important to maintain harmony. 

Similarly, people following different religions and having different habits are needed to maintain a balance in society and maintain harmony. This was the story Prem now wanted to take back to his village in the hope that someday the villagers would listen, understand, and live together in peace.  

  • Indeed, going against a person or system that is strong and powerful is difficult. It is also true that the collective strength of many if they are united, is always much greater than any individual. When there is a lack of communication between people, they are not aware of what each other thinks. A strong and powerful person takes advantage of this.

    Till no one dares to voice their opinion clearly, the powerful people get their way. If one is right, then they must have the confidence and courage to voice their opinion freely. At the same time, a strong communication system should be built so that collective unity is there and no individual can bully others. 
  • If you were in the position of the baby crocodile how would you handle the situation?  
    • One way could be that even before you speak up in front of Makara you gather the support of the others before the meeting. You can then tell Makara that you have consulted everyone and on behalf of everyone you are voicing a collective opinion
    • The other way is to be tactful. You can first tell Makara how strong, powerful and wise he was. You can make him correct the mistake he had made if it was conveyed to him properly. You can tell him that his idea of teaching everyone the importance of every species was brilliant. Now that he had achieved his goal and every one had understood he should call the others back to the jungle. 

Study Tips for NCERT Class 6 English  Chapter 9:  What Happened to the Reptiles

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