NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Science Chapter 17 – Forests: Our Lifeline

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Science Chapter 17 will help you understand the chapter in detail. In the context of the importance of forests, this chapter of NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Science describes the life of all organisms on Earth and the ongoing global climate changes amongst others. Forest has an influential role to play in the water cycle. It impacts the quality of air and is home to many animals, birds as well as other species. These are the ‘Green Lungs’ of Earth and so do they help eradicate soil erosion, flood and pollution. 

The exercise of this chapter contains 13 questions that make you confident to answer any question in the examination. Our expert team has explained every answer in a very easy way so as to make it easy to understand and learn. We have also added a short summary of the chapter below that will help you revise the main topics of the chapter before you solve the NCERT exercises of the chapter. 

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NCERT Class 7 Science Chapter 17 Summary

In CBSE Class 7 Science NCERT Chapter 17, forests are called the ‘Lifeline of Earth’ because of many reasons:

  • Forests provide food and fodder to all
  • They are a habitat for several species on Earth
  • They play an important role in the water cycle which keeps air quality in check and reduces soil erosion as well.

However, forests are in danger nowadays due to deforestation that has been endangering the life of forest species—both flora and fauna as well as the overall environment.

After establishing the significance of forests and the negative impact of deforestation activities, this chapter teaches us the techniques of conserving the forests. We can promote afforestation, protect wildlife, keep a check on forest fires and also create awareness in our communities to protect forests in our own way.

Highlights of NCERT Science Class 7 Chapter 17

It has become the habit of human beings to take things for granted especially of those things that are in abundance and are provided by nature. So, this chapter teaches us a lesson that even forests that are in abundance are being harmed by our activities and these need our protection. A sustainable future and environment will only be possible when we realize the responsibility we have towards our environment and forests. 

Exercise Discussion for NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Science Chapter 17

  • CBSE Class 7 NCERT Science Chapter 17- Forests: Our Lifeline has 13 questions that cover important aspects of the chapter and test how well you have understood the concepts. 
  • Exercises 1 – 6 are long answer type questions in which you need to explain the concepts. 
  • Exercise questions 8 to10 are short answer questions that deal with topics like how animals help forests regenerate and grow, what are decomposers, why waste is not generated in forests, why conditions and issues of the forests should make us worry and so on.
  • Exercise question 10 is a diagram-based question that requires you to label it correctly. 
  • Exercise question 7 is fill in the blanks and exercise question 12 asks you to choose the correct sentence. 
  • Multiple-choice questions are also included in the exercises.  
  • So as you can see, the NCERT questions of Chapter 17 are varied and hence they need to be solved accordingly.

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