NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Science Chapter 14 – Natural Resources

NCERT Class 9 Science Solutions for Chapter 14 Natural Resources introduces you to the concepts of atmosphere, the difference between the atmospheres of different planets, its constituents and the composition of different elements that make it. The chapter tackles the fundamentals and basics of natural occurrences like the existence of wind and the reason behind it. The formation of clouds has also been discussed in the chapter and its importance has been explained in a detailed manner. Chapter NCERT Solutions consists of 5 exercises and 22 questions which are long answer questions, descriptive questions, short answer questions etc.

Natural Resources consists of five exercises and twenty-two questions in total. All of these questions strive at testing your observational and analytical skills with respect to the concepts that have been tackled in the chapter.  The chapter contains numerous theoretical ideas which will help you develop a better understanding of the natural phenomenon and resources around you.

CBSE Class 9 Chapter 14 Natural Resources will guide you in getting a firm hold on the concepts of natural occurrences like wind, rain and pollution. There are discussions on the various kinds of pollutions, their causes and their impacts on the planet, animals and our health as well. The chapter also discusses soil formation and soil erosion.

Important Topics of NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Chapter 14 Natural Resources


The chapter explains the importance of the existence of the atmosphere. Every planet has its distinct kind of atmosphere and its own unique composition and features. In the case of the earth’s atmosphere, the difference lies in its composition which makes the earth ideal for the survival of living beings on its surface. 

The Earth’s atmosphere is a mixture of ten percent of nitrogen, twenty percent of oxygen, and very small amounts of carbon dioxide, water vapour and other important gasses. If we consider the atmosphere on Venus and Mars we will notice their atmospheres are majorly composed of carbon dioxide and that is the reason why life can not flourish and exist on these planets. 

The importance of Earth’s atmosphere is

  • Temperature regulation – earth’s atmosphere acts as a blanket and ensures that the average temperature on earth remains constant throughout day and night. 
  • Prevents sudden temperature increase – the atmosphere ensures that the temperature of the earth doesn’t increase at a sudden hike as that would damage the health and lifestyle of the living organisms on earth. 
  • Captures heat on the earth’s surface – the atmosphere captures heat on earth and slows down the escape of heat from the surface of the earth during night times.

Greenhouse effect

The increase that is recorded in the earth’s temperature due to gasses like carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide is known as global warming. This phenomenon occurs when the heat is unable to escape as it is captured in the earth’s atmosphere and due to it the average temperature of the earth rises. 

Exercise-Wise Discussion of NCERT Class 9 Solutions Chapter 14 Natural Resources

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Chapter 14 Natural Resources consists of 5 exercises and 22 questions which are short questions, long descriptive questions and theory-based questions which are based directly on the concepts and ideas that have been introduced in chapter 14. These questions basically aim at strengthening and polishing the fundamentals that you have learned from the chapter.

The first exercise begins with a very basic question where you need to mention the difference between the earth’s atmosphere and the atmosphere between the atmospheres of Venus and Mars. The exercise has other questions which discuss the role of the atmosphere as a blanket, formation of clouds, causes of winds, etc.

Further, the chapter has exercises which talk about pollution, its causes, the reason for the need of water in living organisms, formation of soil etc. all of these questions cover all the major ideas that have been included in the chapter and help you in revising and preparing well for your exams. 

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