NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Science Chapter 15 – Improvements In Food Resources

NCERT Class 9 Science Solutions for Chapter 15 introduces you to the concepts of biotic and antibiotic factors, agronomic characteristics, plant nutrients, conditions for fertility and production of crops, etc. the chapter will help you form a basic idea about the food resources and the improvements that have come with time in the management of the food resources.

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Improvements in food resources has 10 exercises and 26 questions based on reasoning, short answer, descriptive etc. All these questions aim at testing your observational skills with respect to the fundamentals and ideas that have been discussed in the chapter. The topics are relevant on a daily basis as it discusses food, cereals, livestock, cattle, vegetables etc. 

CBSE Class 9 Chapter 15 Solutions will assist you in grasping all the essential fundamentals about the food resources and the improvements in it. The chapter also discusses poultry farming, fishing and beekeeping. Overall it has a lot to offer about food that we consume daily and facts behind its preparation.

Important Topics of NCERT Class 9 Science Solutions Chapter 15


The availability of flowers which allow bees to gather nectar and pollen from it is known as pasturage. It is a very essential factor which is responsible for the taste and the quantity of honey as well as the production of it. 

Crop Rotation 

Crop rotation is a method of crop production that promises a high yield. In this method, a farmer can grow two or more than two varieties of crops on the same piece of land. The plantation occurs in a sequential manner depending on the seasons and the compatibility of crops with those seasons. Every crop utilizes a particular nutrient from the land on which it is grown. In case if the same crop is grown on the land for a continuous time period, the amount of that nutrient is unable to maintain itself and therefore its content depletes in the soil. 

Therefore in case of crop rotation, the crops which have different nutrient demands are grown on that land and are rotated. Using this method the nutrient requirement of the crops is met and at the same time, the nutrient balance and maintenance of the soil is also looked after. Using this very method, the requirement for fertilizers is also decreased and the overall production increases in a very profitable manner.

Capture fishing, Mariculture and Aquaculture

The method which is used to obtain fishes from a natural resource is termed as capture fishing. Mariculture is the culture and rearing of fishes for commercial purposes and Aquaculture involves the production of aquatic animals which are of high economic value, like prawns, lobsters etc. 

Exercise wise discussion of NCERT Class 9 Solutions Chapter 15 Improvements in Food

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Resources comprises 10 exercises and 26 kinds of questions. The chapter has all theory-based questions which are derived from all the major concepts which cover all the major concepts that have been tackled in the chapter. 

The first exercise begins with a very simple question which asks about the nutrients that you get from cereals, pulses, fruits and vegetables. There are other short questions which seek to the point and crisp answers. There are questions which demand simple definitions of terms like macronutrients. Few questions ask about the reason and process behind phenomena like the making of food by plants. 

The chapter also has descriptive questions which require detailed answers. Further questions discuss the use of manure and fertilizers. Storage and the factors responsible for affecting it have also been asked along with the methods for breeding cattle, ways of improving it and the reasons behind adopting these measures. The management processes of farming have also been included in the exercises. Overall these questions have not left any corner of the chapter and have ensured that you are well versed with all of them along with thorough practice.   

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