(1) A () E (3) Mg (4) Pb Electroche...

(1) A () E (3) Mg (4) Pb Electrochemical Cell, Commercial Cells or Batteries, Corrosion of Metals) 37.) The electrochemical cell stops working after sometime because (1) The reaction reverse its direction (2) One of the electrode completely vanishes (3) Electrode potential of both the electrodes equalise (4) Electrode potential of both the electrodes becomes zero 3. The equilibrium constant for a feasible cell reaction is 44. Cal ΑΙ Giv 0 (3) 11) 1 (2) 0 451 If

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when one compound of the anode in electrochemical cell is oridised those electrosip serve to reduce. the compound on the corhode side. when the material at anode does not hare electrong to loose, the reaction stops amd cell stops working.
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