(c) found only experimentally (d) 4...

(c) found only experimentally (d) 4. 2. A gaseous oxide contains 30.4 % of nitrogen one molecule of which contains one nitrogen atom, The density of the oxide relative to oxygen is: (a) 0.94 (b) 1.44 (c) 1.50 (d) 3.0 3. The mass of an oxygen atom is half that of a sulphur atom. Can we decide on this basis that the density of sulphur vapour relative to oxygen is 2? (a) Yes (b) No 4. Density of air is 0.001293 g/cc. Its vapour density is: (a) 0.001293 (b) 1.293 (C) 14.48 S tone Hot (d) cannot be calculated. 56 litres of oxygen at NTP is equivalent to:

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Nitrogen=30.4% Oxygen ( =69.6 % ) Determine the chemical formula of the oxide No.of moles of nitrogen=30.4/14=2.17 No.of moles of oxygen ( =69.6 / 16=4.35 ) Ratio of moles of nitrogen to oxygen is ( 2: 4=1: 2 ) Hence the formula of the oxide is NO2 Molar mass of the oxide ( =14+left(2^{*} 16right)=46 ) Relative density of oxygen ( =46 / 32=1.43 )
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