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(c) (iv) (d) (b) (i) (i) 5. (a) (ii) BRAIN-TEASERS 1. Solve the number riddles: (i) Tell me who I am! Who I am! Take away from me the number eight, Divide further by a dozen to come up with A full team for a game of cricket! (ii) Add four to six times a number, To get exactly sixty four! Perfect credit is yours to ask for If you instantly tell the score! 2. Solve the teasers: 6). There was in the forest an old Peepal tree The grand tree had branches ten and three On each branch there lived birds fourteen Sparrows brown, crows black and parrots green! Twice as many as the parrots were the crows And twice as many as the crows were the sparrows! le wonder how many birds of each kind Aren't you going to help us find?

11th - 12th Class
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Given, number of branches old Peepal tree has ( 10+3=13 ) Number of birds living on each branch ( =14 ) So, the total number of birds living in the tree ( =13 times 14=182 ) Now, consider that the number of parrots be ( x, ) crows be ( y ) and sparrows be z. Again, twice as many parrots were crows. ( therefore 2 x=y ) Similarly, twice as many crows were sparrows. ( therefore 2 y=z ) Now, according to the given condition, ( x+y+z=182 ) ( Rightarrow x+2 x+(2 y)=182 ) ( Rightarrow x+2 x+2(2 x)=182 ) ( Rightarrow x+2 x+4 x=182 ) ( Rightarrow 7 x=182 ) ( Rightarrow x=26 ) ( therefore ) number of parrots ( =x=26 ) number of crows ( =y=2 x=52 ) and number of sparrows ( =z=2 y=104 )
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