(D) 1302 The CsCl type structure is...

(D) 1302 The CsCl type structure is exhibited by alkali halides only when the radius of cation is large enough to keep touching its eight nearest neighbour anions. Below what min. ratio of cation to anion radii Assuming that metal does not change. The crystal to that of ccp (A) 0.681 (B) 0.531 (C) 0.918 (D) 0.463 + this contact is prevented ? Q.9 (A) 0.225 (C) 0.632 (B) 0.414 (D) 0.732 MgAl2O4, is found in which 02- ions const ions occupy 1/8th of th A]3+ ions occupy 1/2 Find the total +ve c itu

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) Jince ( operatorname{Csc} 1 ) has cubic Page structure fir wibic structure the Ratio 7 cation to anion is 0.732 . ( frac{8}{2}+0.732 ) 8 "d"is Correct. ( 01+59 )
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