1. Ley farming is a traditional met...

1. Ley farming is a traditional method of farming practiced in England and India in which grasses are alternately grown with food grains on a piece of land. Find out the general benefits of Ley farming.

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(2) Restoration of soil 8 orgaric mattler structure Ley farming system is an effectue tool fa soil encichment by organic material deg ume past ures can's Produce the desired effect if used separately ; in this case grass can become an excellent helper, since it promotes the production of orgarie materials. (3) Controlling the growth of weeds. Another important advantage of bos ley farming is the maragement of weeds since cattle that eat unwanted plants can graye on these pastwes. This approach is ef especially effectiue in combatirg weeds arrually. (9) Breventing decp drainage 8 erosion. dey pasture are also able to contribute to the improvement of arin wruchtional farming systems. If also reduces erosion during cultivation. (5) Improving lunestock efficiency. dey pastures are ceble to provide lillestock with high - quality fodder o stimellate the rapid growth of animals.
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