10 V 59. A series combinatic luF, 2...

10 V 59. A series combinatic luF, 2uF and 8u volt. The potential tial differen AIIMS 20 24 (d) 32 (d) 32 Lov 54. All six capacitors shown are identical, Each can withstand maximum 200 volts between its terminals. The maximum voltage that can be safely applied between A and B is [MP PMT 2004] (a) 1200 V (b) 400 V AHHHHB (c) 800 V (d) 200 V YPYP 55. Two identical capacitors, have the same capacitance C. One capacitor will be (a) 1V (c) 4V 60. Four capacitors a figure. The effec and Builher

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Ginen circiet can be reduced as follous : A Ce capaitance of each tapailor) The caparitess ( 3 c ) and ( 3 C ) each can withstand maxcinum 200 V So max cimum uottage es that can be applied accon, A and B con be equally shared. 1. Max. Woltage that can be ( begin{aligned} text { cafely a puled } &=200+200 &=400 text { uolt } end{aligned} )
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