1Singular? Justify your answer. The...

1Singular? Justify your answer. There are two Book shops known by Suresh and Ganesh book shops. Their sales (in Rupees) for books in three subjects - Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for two months, July and August 2009 are given by two matrices A and B. July Sales (in Rupees) [Physics Chemistry Maths A= 5600 6750 8500 Suresh 6650 7055 8905 Ganesh August Sales (in Rupees) Physics Chemistry Maths B=6650 7055 8905 Suresh then | 7000 7500 10200 Ganesh (1) Find the increase in sales in rupees from July to August 09. (in) If both book shops got 10% profit in the month of August 09, find the profit for each

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Incrase in sqle of Surssh = incrast in physics t maths t clem [ begin{array}{l} =(6650-5600)+(7055-6750)+(8905-8500) =1050+355+405=1810 end{array} ] [ =350+445+1295=2090 ]
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