2. Two spherical bodies of mass Man...

2. Two spherical bodies of mass Mand 5M spherical bodies of mass M and 5M and radii Rand 2R respectively are released in free space with initial separation between their centres equal to 12R. If they attract each other due to gravitational force only, then the distance covered by the smaller body just before collision is -

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Distence between. their surfacel ( =12 R-R-2 R ) since [ begin{array}{l} p alpha operatorname{man} a alpha max end{array} ] Distance d acclesation So we can conite [ begin{array}{l} frac{a_{1}}{a_{2}}=frac{m}{5 m}=frac{91}{s_{2}} frac{s_{1}}{s_{2}}=frac{1}{s} s_{1}=s_{2}-0 s_{1}+s_{2}=9 R-2 end{array} ] on soluing thene equations [ S_{1}=1-s R ] ( S_{2}=7-5 R rightarrow ) dustance forcel by Smoller boit Since Smoller ball hawe mose acch in seme hone interval, smoller boll will cover more distence.
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