24. A particle moves along x-axis a...

24. A particle moves along x-axis ax = 4(1-2) + alt - 2)2 Which of the following is true? (J&K CET 20081 (a) The initial velocity of particle is 4 (b) The acceleration of particle is 2a (c) The particle is at origin at t = 0 (d) None of these 25. A body starting from rest moves with constant acceleration The ratio of distance covered by the body during the 5th sec to that covered in 5 sec is [EAMCET 2009) (a) 9/25 (b) 3/5 (c) 25/9 (d) 1/25 26. A body, thrown upwards with some velocity, reaches the maximum height of 20 m. Another body with double the mass thrown up, with double initial velocity will reach a maximum height of [EAMCET 2010] (a) 200 m (b) 16 m (c) 80 m (d) 40 m 27. A balloon starts rising from the ground with an acceleration of 1.25 m/s” after 8 s, a stone is released from the balloon, The stone will (8 = 10 m/s) [UPSEE 2010] (a) Reach the ground in 4 second (b) Begin to move down after being released (c) Have a displacement of 50 m (d) Cover a distance of 40 m in reaching the ground 28. A ball is dropped from top of a tower of 100 m height. Simultaneously another ball was thrown upward from bottom of the tower with a speed of 50 m/s 0(g = 10 m/s). They will cross each other after [MP PET 2010) (a) Is (b) 2 s (e) 3s (d) 45 A cricket ball is thrown up with a speed of 19.6 ms. The maximum height it can reach is [Orissa JEE 2010] (a) 9.8 m (b) 19.6 m (c) 29.4 m (d) 39.2 m A very large number of balls are thrown vertically upwards in quick succession in such a way that the next ball i thrown when the previous one is at the maximum height

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26 1 Maximum luight is indupendant ob Mass ob thi Darticle ( y^{2} quad A_{1}=sqrt[1]{2}^{2} / 2 g ) ( frac{partial}{d x} Deltaleft(log ^{2}right) ) ( 20 times 29=v^{2} ) ( rightarrow quad v=2 sqrt{10 g} ) ( v^{prime}=2 v ) ( therefore l_{n}^{prime}=frac{4 v^{2}}{2 g} ) ( operatorname{li}^{1}=frac{4 times 40 g}{29} ) ( frac{-h^{prime}}{8}=80 m )
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