5. A gas cylinder containing cookin...

5. A gas cylinder containing cooking gas can withstand a pressure of 14.9 atm. The pressure of the gauge of the cylinder indicates 10 atm pressure at 27°C. Due to a sudden fire in the building the temperature starts rising. At what temperature the cylinder will explode? (a) 174°C (b) 447°C (C) 300°C (d) 125°C

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since the gas is confirmed in The cylinder its volume will remain CO nstant [ begin{array}{l} text { given } quad begin{array}{r} P_{1}=10 text { atm } P_{2}=14.9 mathrm{atm} quad T_{2}=? end{array} T_{1}=27+273-300 mathrm{k} end{array} ] Applying pressure termperanire lam [ begin{array}{l} frac{P_{1}}{P_{2}}=frac{T_{1}}{T_{2}} T_{2}=P_{2} times T_{1} end{array} ] ( frac{14 cdot 9 times 3}{10} ) [ =4471 c ] [ T cdot i n^{0} c 2447 r ] opfion ( (a) quadleft[T_{2}=174^{circ} Cright] )
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